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Week of 27 May 1946

Monday, 27 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

I joined Enid at Lil's flat about 11 and Mabel came later. We were very busy packing and sorting - a beastly job. Knocked off for lunch at the pub and then Enid and I went back and worked away till about 6.30. We have broken the back of it.

Tuesday, 28 May

Reg slept here

Heavy rain in morning and I got wet going to Lil's flat. Met Enid, Mabel and Florence there and we did great work clearing and packing away. I lunched with Enid afterwards and then came back here till I went to the Mercury Theatre to meet Kathleen Hill and her friend Rosie. K insisted on giving me my seat. I was disappointed not to see Resurrection by Yeats but saw instead Malvolio - clever and well acted - followed by A Phoenix Too Frequent - a most amusing play.

Came back to find Reg had arrived from Paris.

Wednesday, 29 May

Reg left soon after 12 o'clock and dropped me at Clifton Rd in his taxi. I came back to meet Mr Bell who fixed up the thermostatic device in boiler which has been giving trouble. Lunched here.

Anne and Sarah arrived in afternoon and afterwards Tirzah Swanzy (Ravilious that was). After tea the children played in the garden.

Thursday, 30 May

A great morning's work at Lil's flat with Enid. Went back to lunch with her and then on to the Westminster Hospital. Found Lil definitely better. Fixed up to go down to Rustington tomorrow to inspect a convalescent home. Got back for a late tea and was very busy all the evening.

Mislaid £1!

Friday, 31 May

Left Victoria at 10.45, arriving West Worthing at 11.53. Found it was the wrong station and took the next train on to Angmering [?]. Managed to get a taxi to the nursing home at Rustington kept by Miss Gent, former sister at Westminster Hospital. She kindly gave me some lunch and showed me the possible room. The great disadvantage is that though quite near the sea, there is no shelter or seats, nothing but shingle to sit on.

Got home at 5 o'clock - tired and very damp. Rang up another possible nursing home at Broadstairs.

Saturday, 1 June

Mabel and I lunched at Lord's Restaurant. Afterwards I went to Westminster Hospital. Lil sitting up in her dressing gown, definitely better. She has decided to give up the idea of a convalescent home and go direct from the hospital to Freda Grace if she can take her then.

Margot and Mary came in for drinks. Rang up Freda later and discussed dates.

Sunday, 2 June

I went to the 10.15 Communion Service at St Mark's, Hamilton Terrace. Except for that, I did not go out at all till after tea when I weeded the front garden.

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