Thursday, 17 December 2009

Week of 29 July 1946

Monday, 29 July

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept badly and had internal pain - a chill I expect. Stayed in bed till teatime. Mabel came out and got my lunch. Much telephoning to the family including Reg, as to who could take my place as I had promised to go to see Lil in Brighton tomorrow. I also had to cancel my appointment with Tooth for this afternoon - and also an engagement for "drinks" at Margot's flat. Not feeling in the least ill, but not up to much.

Tuesday, 30 July

Wilma slept here

Felt much better. Did a little shopping in the morning and lunched at Grove End Mansions. In the afternoon I went to Coopers to open a deposit account, etc.

Reg rang up in the evening. He is better but not right.

Wednesday, 31 July

Wilma slept here

Anne and Sarah lunched with me. at McWhirter's. Afterwards Sarah rested here whilst Anne shopped and we all had an early tea before I went to meet Wilma at Tottenham Court Rd. We dined together at the Boulogne Restaurant which we didn't think much of, and afterwards went to the Phoenix Theatre to see Cicely Courtnedge in Under the Counter. Very funny.

Thursday, 1 August

Wilma slept here.

Friday, 2 August

Wilma slept here. Also Joan Bruce

Shopped and got my hair washed in morning. In the afternoon Aline and Joan came to tea and Joan stopped the night.

A very enervating day. Reg rang up in the evening. He had been over to Brighton to see Lil and also his doctor. Dr Hall could not find anything organically wrong but Reg said he felt badly.

Saturday, 3 August

Slept well and felt much better. Got up for breakfast and Joan and I did some shopping before I drove down with her, Wilma and Emily to Victoria where they caught the 11.18 train to Horsham. No great crowd. I then went on to see Aunt Julia and came back here for lunch. Afterwards Anne, Grattan and Sarah picked me up in the car and we went to see a possible (impossible!) house near Ascot and afterwards had a very pleasant picnic at Virginia Water. They came back here for drinks.

Sunday, 4 August

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel. Ruth Browning came to lunch and stayed till 6.30.

I had supper on the verandah and sat out till 10.30 (very lovely).

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