Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Week of 23 September 1946

Monday, 23 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very much better today, and was out morning and afternoon. Lil lunched with Diana at the Berkeley. Wilma and I made damson jam after supper (and upset some!)

Tuesday, 24 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

Dr Moncrieff came to see both Lil and me, and took my blood pressure. It is on the high side (190) but not enough to account for my feelings of great exhaustion. She thinks I am doing much too much, and that it is essential to try and get a proper daily maid.

Lil is much better. Pippa dropped Philippa here for lunch, and came back again after lunching at the Mansion House. Anne and Sarah were here then and we had a luscious tea. Lil went to an Arcam [?] lecture where she met Mrs Parsons.

Wednesday, 25 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

A fine day. I spent it in bed. It is fixed up that Lil shall go to Kathleen Hill on Friday for a few days, and then on to the Crees. It is possible there may be a hiatus of a couple of days between the two, in which case she will come back here just for that time. I felt much the better for my day in bed.

Thursday, 26 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

I stayed in bed till after lunch, and then dressed and came down. Felt low and tired with a lot of backache.

Lil lunched with GH and then went on for an infrared treatment at the Homeopathic Hospital, getting back here for tea .

Friday, 27 September

Wilma slept here

Lil and I lunched at Addison Court. She came back and finished her packing, and left for Kathleen Hill just before tea. Mabel came to tea.

Saturday, 28 September

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I lunched together at Addison Court. Pippa came with Nicky and James at about 3 o'clock. They had been to the zoo. Soon after, Grattan, Anne and Sarah turned up so we were a family tea party of 8!

Later Wilma went to the New Theatre to see Lawrence Olivier in King Lear.

Sunday, 29 September

Wilma slept here

A lovely day but I felt a wretched shape. Tess and Jenny Bawtree spent the day here and Nora Gallop came in the afternoon for tea. Later Wilma, Tess and Jenny went over to Anne's. Wilma came back for supper but the others are staying with Anne for the night.

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