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Week of 3 June 1946

Monday, 3 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

In the morning I went to the Clifton Nurseries and brought back tomato plants, antirrhinums [?] etc. Lunched on the loggia. Went to the hospital and sat with Lil. She is looking much better and is pleased with the arrangement to go to Freda's on the 12th. Back to tea on the loggia, and afterwards put in the plants.

Tuesday, 4 June

Enid lunched here and Kathleen Hill came to tea. Afterwards we went to the Clifton Nurseries and brought plants which I later put in.

After supper I rang up Pips and said I would go down there on Friday for Whitsun. Also rang up Reg.

Wednesday, 5 June

In the morning I packed some of Lil's things and after lunch went to Mabel's to leave her watering can, and on to change a book, getting home for tea. In the evening a Mrs Foster came to see my rooms and decided to take them at £2-12-6 weekly in advance, starting on Thursday 13th June. She is a war widow and works at the BBC. She seems quite nice, will bring her own bed linen and cutlery, etc.

Thursday, 6 June

Mabel lunched here, Anne and Sarah came in the afternoon and Margaret Chevallier turned up later and had tea with us and drove them back later to Hampstead. She greatly admired the house.

Friday, 7 June

47 Hamilton Terrace - Christ's Hospital

I was very busy, packing, shutting up silver, getting my hair done, etc. Mabel lunched with me at the Clifton Restaurant and afterwards drove down with me to Victoria Station and saw me off for CH. Pips and James met me at CH station, and brought me back to a lovely tea. Oswald looks very tired but all the rest of the family very well. The lupins down the long border are a gorgeous sight. Saw Philippa and Nicky bathe in the swimming bath.

Saturday, 8 June

Christ's Hospital

All Fleckers went off in their car about 9.30 to lunch at Eton and then on to Staines for tea with old Mrs Flecker. Soon after Reg fetched me and took me to spend the day at the farm. Very pleasant in spite of the weather. Spent most of my time on the drawing room sofa with a novel by a wood fire. Gooseberry tart for lunch and strawberries for tea! Got back about 7 o'clock and found Fleckers just returned.

Sunday, 9 June

We went to 8.30 Communion and after breakfast to a nice children's service. Then down to the Swimming Bath. After a nice traditional lunch of chicken and gooseberry tart I rested upstairs and actually slept for an hour or two.

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