Sunday, 3 January 2010

Week of 1 January 1947

Wednesday, 1 January 1947

Oswald and Pippa slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Grattan was buried at 2.30 in the churchyard opposite Bet's house. The nice young priest they hoped to have couldn't come on account of his father's sudden death. James Scott, Mr Caplan and G's solicitor went down and Dick and Daphne Pemberton came over. Alice cut herself in the morning on her pot and the doctor had to put in 6 stitches. All the other children were sent out of the house for the day.

Pippa and Oswald went to the Criterion to see The Guinea Pig and liked it. Afterwards they had supper with the headmaster of Clifton.

Both Bet and James Scott rang me up in the evening.

I felt better today.

Thursday, 2 January

Oswald left before 10 o'clock and Pippa soon afterwards.

I rang up Bet in the morning and she said they were all right, and that Anne had had some sleep.

Enid came out to lunch.

Friday, 3 January

I had a bit of a headache. John Carolan worked on the path and the garden begins to look very tidy. Mabel came to tea.

Rang up Wenham and heard that Anne was downstairs, and dealing with her letters and had taken a little food. The others were all right except that Awly had come out in a rash, probably nettle rash. Spoke also to Wilma and told her that Ray's brother had been unconscious for some days and the end was expected hourly.

Reg rang up and suggested staying here tomorrow night.

Saturday, 4 January

Reg slept here

I did local shopping and had my hair waved. Reg turned up at 5 o'clock, having dropped Joan at Aline's flat where he had tea.

Rang up Bet and heard that Awly had been in bed with a temp, and the doctor said the rash was not nettle rash but probably the result of a shock. Anne had not got up today.

I have a good deal of headache.

Sunday, 5 January

Intensely cold but fine. Bet rang up after breakfast to ask me to phone Nanny and see if she could possibly go down, but she is not well enough.

In the evening she rang up and suggested sending Hester to me tomorrow for a couple of nights. Wilma would stay at Wenham till her return. They have no light or water!

Reg left after an early lunch here and Mabel came out to tea.

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