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Week of 6 January 1947

Monday, 6 January

Hester and Awly slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

A fall of snow and very cold. Mabel came out to lunch.

Dr Moncrieff came in the morning and gave me medicine for my headache. Eve Farson met Hester and Awly at Liverpool St and brought them here in time for tea, but did not stop for it herself.

Afterwards we went out to see The Poltergeist with Gordon Harker at the Vaudeville. Went in style in a hired car which brought us home afterwards.

Dr Moncrieff's first treatment.

Tuesday, 7 January

Hester and Awly slept here

H and A did not wake till nearly 10 am. Awly spent the morning at the piano and after lunch was fetched by the Bawtrees and taken to the Bertram Mills Circus.

Hester went out shopping with me, and to Marylebone Town Hall to collect Wilma's identity card and ration books. After lunch we went to see Bette Davis in The Stolen Life at the New Victoria. Not very impressive. Back to tea and an inordinate amount of crumpets!

Wednesday, 8 January

Anne and Wilma slept here

Hester, Awly and I went shopping in the morning and had ice creams at Selfridge's (got birthday presents for Bet).

Had an early lunch and then I saw them off at Liverpool St. Anne and Wilma turned up about 7 o'clock. Anne seemed dreadfully dead to me, but Wilma said normal compared to what she had been. She stayed up for supper and went to bed about ten. I rang up Wenham and found all well there, and Alice had had her stitches out.

Thursday, 9 January

Anne and Wilma slept here

Anne and I walked up as far as Wellington Rd before we could get a taxi. I drive with her to Finchley Road station where Yvonne met her and they went together to see Lady Nicolas. Afterwards they went to Anne's flat and collected some things and drive back here about 6 o'clock. Yvonne went to visit her sister Sheila at St John's and St Elizabeth's Hospital in Circus Rd and came back to supper. Anne seemed better though very tired. I retrieved my lost clothing book (intact) at Marylebone Hall this morning, but no trace of Sarah's nor the missing identity cards (mine and Wilma's). Wilma went back to her office this morning.

Friday, 10 January

Wilma slept here

Mr David Napley called in his car for Anne at 10 o'clock and they went off together to her flat where they were joined by Leonard Caplan and went through Grattan's papers. Mr Napley gave her lunch and she caught the 2.22 train back to Bentley arriving very late. I rang up in the evening and she answered herself, and her voice seemed stronger. I lunched with Mabel and had tea with Enid and Eve.

Wilma went straight from her office to dine with Patience, and got back at 11.30. Very wet as it was raining hard

Saturday, 11 January

Wilma had her hair set at Selfridge's and caught a midday training down to the Bawtrees.

I did local shopping and ordered a funeral wreath for 'Walthy" [?] Welfare. He is to be buried on Tuesday.

Felt very tired and rested most of the afternoon.

Sunday, 12 January

I went to the 10.15 at St Mark's and afterwards went to lunch with Mabel. Enid came in for a talk and then I went on to Lil's but just missed Roddy and family who had been lunching there. Wilma got back for supper.

Rang up Pippa and she and James (and perhaps more) will come to lunch on Thursday before the circus.

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