Friday, 8 January 2010

Week of 10 March 1947

Monday, 10 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

A most unpleasant day with a lot of fog. I did not go out.

Mabel came to lunch. I felt very off colour.

Tuesday, 11 March

I went to Harrods and Jane Brown, and then lunched with Lil. She thought me looking poorly and I felt so.

Wednesday, 12 March

Feeling very off colour and I stayed in bed till after tea, and then came down to the dining room, and sent off some prospectuses of Studley Priory.

Thursday, 13 March

Felt better and went out in the morning and did some shopping.

Turned to heavy rain in the afternoon. Anne and Sarah came over to tea, both in good fettle.

Anne is now turning to the thought of letting her flat till Michaelmas.

Dr Moncrieff came after tea and changed my medicine. I told her I had been having a lot of headache and not sleeping so well.

Dr Moncrieff's eighth visit.

Friday, 14 March

I felt poorly with a certain amount of cold. Stayed in bed till lunch and did not go out of doors at all. Lil and Mabel both taking a day in bed with attacks of pain in the afternoon.

Saturday, 15 March

I lunched with Enid and Eve and had a nice talk afterwards over a blazing pre-war fire. Feeling much better again today.

Sunday, 16 March

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel and Gibbs Smith gave a nice address. Mabel came out to tea and Reg, who was up in town, rang me up from Enid's.

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