Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week of 17 March 1947

Monday, 17 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

A lovely sunny day but I felt very poorly. Shopped in the morning and went to the Academy in the afternoon to see Poil de Carotte, beautifully acted but terribly tragic.

Felt very tired afterwards and cancelled my arrangement to have my hair done, and came straight back and lay down till supper.

Tuesday, 18 March

Another lovely day and I felt better but not up to much. Had my hair washed and in the afternoon went to tea at Mabel's and met Meg McConnell, Kathleen Hill, Brenda Tandy and Mafalda Graeme.

Wednesday, 19 March

Feeling very off colour. Kathleen Hill lunched here and afterwards pruned my wisteria.

Thursday, 20 March

A lovely sunny day and I felt definitely better. Left my suit at Achille Serre to be dyed and then went out to lunch with Anne and Sarah. Mabel came to tea, and just as she was leaving Dr Moncrieff came. Blood pressure 180. She is changing my medicine and will see me again in a fortnight's time.

Dr Moncrieff's 9th visit.

Friday, 21 March

Pippa and Oswald slept here

Pippa arrived soon after lunch, did some shopping returning for tea, and Oswald arrived later. He was very tired and decided to spend the evening here, but Pippa and I went to the Curzon Cinema after supper to see Symphonie Pastorale. I liked it just as much a second time, but I don't think she was really enthusiastic. Probably she was expecting too much.

Saturday, 22 March

A warm springlike day. Shopped in morning and afternoon. Had tea with Enid after sitting first for a while with Mabel. Lil also looked in on her.

Sunday, 23 March

Went to Morning Service at St John's Wood Chapel and then on to lunch with Anne and Sarah. From there I went straight to Mabel where I had tea.

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