Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 11 November 1946

Monday, 11 November

Wilma, slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt a lot better and shopped successfully before and after lunching at Vegas Restaurant. Then came back and went to bed for my massage at 4 o'clock.

Mr Cedercrona gave his fourth treatment.

Tuesday, 12 November

Wilma and Reg slept here

Felt better till evening when I turned very tired.

Reg rang up in the evening to say that he and Aline would not be flying to Paris as arranged owing to weather conditions, and he would come along later to spend the night here.

This he did.

Wednesday, 13 November

Wilma slept here

Reg left before lunch, having had to give up the trip to Paris.

I had an interview with Tooth at 12 o'clock, lunched at Vegas and did a little unsuccessful shopping afterwards.

Dr Swanberg gave me his third treatment.

Thursday, 14 November

Wilma slept here

Shopped in morning and got wet. Poured all the afternoon and I did not go out again. Wilma braved the rain and went out to supper with Anne in my gumboots and mac.

Friday, 15 November

Wilma slept here

Anne and Sarah lunched here on their way back from Harrods. I went back with them as far as Swiss Cottage where I earmarked a green cardigan as a present for Anne.

Saturday, 16 November

Wilma slept here

Wilma went to see the King's Pictures with Geraldine, shopped in the afternoon, and joined up with Geraldine in the evening to see The Winslow Boy. Mabel came to tea, and later Mr Cedercrona gave me a treatment.

Mr Cedercrona's fifth treatment.

Sunday, 17 November

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I lunched at the Hall Road Restaurant, and Tess and Jenny came to tea.

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