Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 4 November 1946

Monday, 4 November

Wilma, slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I lunched out on the loggia. Mr Cederkrona [?] gave me a second treatment.

I felt much better all day.

Mr Cederkrona's second treatment.

Tuesday, 5 November

Wilma slept here

I shopped in Oxford St before lunch, and again in Knightsbridge before going to tea with Mabel who is taking a day in bed.

Wednesday, 6 November

Wilma slept here

I felt tired and had most of the morning in bed. Lunched at Clifton Restaurant. In the afternoon Anne and Sarah came over . After an early tea I undressed and had a treatment from Swanberg. Later Wilma turned up and went back with Anne and S and spent the evening at Hampstead where Ray is out for supper.

Swanberg's second treatment.

Thursday, 7 November

Wilma slept here

Pippa came to lunch and afterwards we bussed down to Oxford Street and separated for shopping. I got various Christmas things.

Friday, 8 November

Wilma slept here

I slept badly and felt good for nothing and stayed in bed till lunch time.

In the afternoon went to tea with Mabel and met Mrs Grazebrook and Alvery's [?] wife - also Ilina and a Swedish girl, Miss Thompson-Parker.

Saturday, 9 November

Wilma slept here

I felt ever so much better. Wilma planted out the wall flowers in the front garden and Dr Moncrieff came to see her. Then Tess and Jenny arrived and they went off and bought some furniture locally. They all lunched here and afterwards went down to Cheam where Wilma is fetching the car.

Dr Cederkrona gave me his third treatment.

Sunday, 10 November

Wilma slept here

Went to Choral Communion at 10.15 at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace.

Wilma drove me out in the Lanchester to lunch with Patience. Afterwards we spent the afternoon at Anne's and had tea there.

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