Sunday, 17 January 2010

Week of 12 May 1947

Monday, 12 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Felt better than yesterday but not up to much. Had my hair washed and waved in the morning, and in the afternoon went out to tea with Patience. Phoned Reg (who is feeling seedy) and it is fixed up that we shall go to Pas de l'Ours, Crans-sur-Sierre when we leave Geneva.

Tuesday, 13 May

I shopped locally in the morning and in the afternoon I got my authorisation for travellers cheques for £75.

After tea I mowed the lawn and sat on the loggia.

Pippa rang up in the evening to say that she was coming up to town tomorrow for a few hours and suggesting that I should go back with her and spend a night at CH.

I am feeling a bit less tired.

Wednesday, 14 May

47 Hamilton Terrace - Christ's Hospital

I rang up Pips to tell her that I would go back with her in the afternoon and stay the night at CH. We caught the 4.18 at Victoria. Blazing sunshine but by the time we reached Horsham it was raining hard and very chilly. I was glad to sit by a fire, and felt very tired and livery. Rang up Reg. Pippa and children looking well and all three very nice and welcoming.

Oswald is up in town for a couple of days. The garden looking very lush and the blossom quite wonderful.

Thursday, 15 May

Christ's Hospital - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Had a good night but woke with that horrid exhausted feeling. Stayed in bed for part of the morning whilst Pippa went in to Horsham. Then we pottered round the garden and when the sun came out I was able to sit in the verandah, but it was cool and blustery. Returned home by the 4.32 train from CH, and met Oswald on the platform. Came back to find the house intact. Daphne Pemberton rang up to know if I could give her a bed on Monday if necessary. A bore, but I couldn't refuse

Friday, 16 May

Had my hair washed in morning. Mabel came to lunch but went on to Lil for tea. I went and had supper with Kathleen Hill. Rather a sticky evening but I was not scintillating myself.

Saturday, 17 May

A lovely day and I felt definitely better. Called at bank for travellers cheques, collected clothes at cleaners, lunched with Lil, called on Diana Le Mesurier and saw over her house (very nice). Got back for tea and afterwards did some gardening. A lovely evening.

Sunday, 18 May

Mabel and I met at the Marylebone Presbyterian Church where Leslie Wetherhead was preaching. Afterwards we munched together at McWhirter's restaurant and then came back here, lit our fire and wrote letters till teatime.

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