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Week of 5 May 1947

Monday, 5 May

Anne and Sarah slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt a lot better and mowed the lawn after tea. Anne and Sarah turned up for tea looking very well, and Anne had enjoyed her week-end with the Hutchinsons.

This is the first day of the ban on the heating of houses by gas and electricity.

Tuesday, 6 May

Reg turned up about 11 o'clock in the car and Dr Moncrieff came to see us both. My blood pressure is 180. She examined my tummy and heart - all quite satisfactory. I am to go on with the pills.

Anne and Sarah went off by 3.48 to Colchester. Geraldine came to tea and helped me in the garden afterwards.

Bet rang up in the evening to tell me that Hester was in Chelmsford Hospital and was to be operated on for appendicitis tomorrow morning. Bet took it all very philosophically.

Dr Moncrieff's third visit this quarter.

Wednesday, 7 May

I shopped in the morning and got a bedside felt for Wilma's birthday. Lil spent the afternoon here and we sat out on the loggia. John Carolan worked half the day on my vegetable allotment.

Rang up Wenham this evening and heard that Hester had been successfully operated on for appendicitis in Chelmsford Hospital this morning.

Thursday, 8 May

GH came to lunch. Very pleasant and interesting. Drove me as far as Selfridge's and then I bussed on to Knightsbridge and did some shopping. Sat with Enid for a bit and afterwards had tea with Mabel and met Lil there for a minute or two.

Felt very tired all day after a short night's sleep. Good report of Hester from Bet who had been out seeing her.

Friday, 9 May

I felt much better. Shopped in Oxford St in the morning and got my Swiss visa. In the afternoon I had my feet done by Miss Messenger and went to Jane Morris and had a hat retrimmed.

Had tea and supper on the loggia. Reg rang me up to say he had been feeling very ill since starting Dr Moncrieff's powders, so I rang her up and she said it was a very good sign, but she was sorry she had not warned him of the probable reaction.

Saturday, 10 May

A grey morning which unfortunately turned to downpours of rain soon after I had started for Kew. It cleared when I arrived and I got some lunch at the cafeteria and ate it out of doors under very soppy conditions. Had a cursory walk round to and saw some lovely though drenched blossom, but the rain soon came down again and I beat a hasty retreat home. Mabel came for a late tea on her way back from Dr Moncrieff. It had been a very satisfactory interview.

Sunday, 11 May

A most lovely summer day but I felt very off colour and tired. The result I suppose of my getting wet at Kew. Gave up my programme of church, tea with Mabel and goodbye visit to Enid, and kept to the house, and did not even come downstairs till lunch time.

Rang up Bet and had a wonderfully good report of Hester who is coming home next Wednesday - just a week after her operation for appendicitis. Very quick!

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