Sunday, 17 January 2010

Week of 19 May 1947

Monday, 19 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Celia told me this morning that she would have to give up her job here! A great blow. However, she will come here of an afternoon till I leave, and I hope after my return till I can get settled, so it might be worse. She seems as sorry as I am but she can do no other.

Tuesday, 20 May

Pippa and Oswald slept here

I did not feel up to much. Went to Mabel in the morning to pick up Enid's shoes for Switzerland, also my grey hat from Jane Morris. Pippa and Oswald turned up soon after 9 o'clock clamouring for supper! They said they were going to have it before leaving CH. Luckily I was able to provide something!

Wednesday, 21 May

We all three started at 8.45 for the Chelsea Flower Show and had a very long wait before we could board a bus. A really lovely show. I had never been before. I got back about 12 o'clock. Very overtired for I had had a very short night. Flopped on to the sofa after lunch and spent the whole afternoon there. So cold that I lit a fire.

Thursday, 22 May

Had a lovely long night's sleep (with Allonal) and felt much better for it. Did local shopping in morning. Mabel came to teach which we had out on the verandah and stayed for supper.

John Carolan worked for a couple of hours in the evening, mending door on top of garden steps, mowing the lawn etc.

Celia has decided to come back to me after my return on the old basis. Joyful news.

Friday, 23 May

A lovely day and a very happy one. I have cleared up everything. John Carolan worked in the garden and I did a bit too. Celia came and helped me pack away silver etc. I had tea out of doors. In the evening rang up Wenham and Christ's Hospital - both places very cheerful. I also rang up Reg to tell him how excited and happy I felt and he was the same. Then Wilma rang me up from Studley to say bon voyage and sounded in great spirits.

Saturday, 24 May

A lovely day and a busy one with 11th hour preparations. Celia came in afternoon and helped me pack away silver etc., and John Carolan came and worked in the garden. I did some hoeing myself after tea. In the evening I rang up Reg, Pips and Bet, and afterwards Wilma rang up to wish me a good journey.

Sunday, 25 May

47 Hamilton Terrace - Eden Hotel, Geneva

A lovely morning but I had had very little sleep and felt very tired. Went to 10 o'clock Communion at St Marks. Left my suitcase at BOAC and lunched with Mabel. Met Reg at BOAC at 2.45. Left 3.40 in a car for Northolt. Left aerodrome at 5 o'clock in a Skymaster with 22 passengers. Reached Geneva in 2 1/2 hours (took 10 minutes over Channel). A perfect flight with very little bumping. Lovely sight of Geneva as we descended. Very pleased with our quarters at The Eden. Dined out of doors at the Perle du Lac by the lakeside. Salmon, chicken, ices, white wine and coffee! Walked by lake afterwards. Very pleased with everything.

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