Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Week of 13 January 1947

Monday, 13 January

Anne and Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt poorly. Lunched with Mabel and lay down afterwards, and then came home via the bead shop and Harrods, getting back for tea. Saw the wreath for Wally Welfare on my way in.

Anne arrived just after 9 o'clock, looking definitely better.

Heard today from Mr Nixon (solicitor) that Mick had died last August in St Thomas' Hospital from thrombosis and heart attack.

Tuesday, 14 January

Anne and Wilma slept here

Anne wrote letters in the dining room all through the morning. She certainly looks better. In the afternoon she went out to her flat and did not come back till after tea. Her meeting at Chambers this evening (the object of coming up) had to be cancelled as her solicitor was ill.

I still feel very tired, but a lot better than yesterday.

Wednesday, 15 January

Wilma slept here

Anne went to lunch with Eve at the Crete Restaurant. Came back afterwards and we went together to Liverpool St where she caught the 4 o'clock train for Bentley. I came back to tea feeling very exhausted but took Waggy Poodle to walk up to the church. Evenings perceptibly lighter. John Carolan finished the garden. He has made a very good job of the paths.

I rang up Eve. She thought Anne a very tragic figure, and obviously still suffering from shock. Wilma spoke to both Pips and Bet on the phone.

Thursday, 16 January

Wilma slept here

Pippa, James and Iain Haselhurst lunched here before going to Olympia where Wilma joined them, and I went down to see Lil and Jeremy who is in bed with a slight bad tonsil. Got back to tea. Wilma turned up for supper.

Bet's birthday and we rang up Wenham and heard a cheerful account of everyone and that Hester was better but won't be able to go back to school tomorrow.

Friday, 17 January

Wilma slept here

Freda Grace came to tea with me and afterwards I went down to the Curzon Cinema where I met Wilma and Geraldine Noyes and we saw Symphonie Pastorale - an outstanding film.

Geraldine came back to supper with us.

Saturday, 18 January

Wilma slept here

Lady Fyfe came to tea and greatly admired the house.

We rang up Wenham. Hester still has earache and Bets is taking her into Ipswich on Monday to see a specialist.

Sunday, 19 January

Wilma slept here

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel and heard a helpful original sermon from the Vicar on the Star which led to God through Christ being the Holy Spirit.

Geraldine spent part of the morning with Wilma but did not stay for lunch.

In the afternoon I went over to Mabel for tea. She was seedy and taking the day in bed. I also looked in on Enid afterwards and saw Amy Birch. Wilma spent all the afternoon machining in the drawing-room.

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