Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Week of 20 January 1947

Monday, 20 January

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt seedy all morning and very nearly put off my visit to Nanny, but finally went and am glad I did as I came back feeling much better.

Nanny wonderfully calm and normal. I hope she may go out to Anne a little later. Heard that Anne and Sarah were coming up on Wed and would sleep here, moving over to the flat on Thursday.

Hester has seen an ear specialist (MacKenzie) in Ipswich who could find nothing wrong and she is to go back to school, all being well, on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 21 January

Wilma slept here

Stayed in all the morning expecting Dr Moncrieff who did not turn up till after lunch as she had been kept by a baby case. My blood pressure was high again (round about 200, she said) and she found me looking less well than before which was only to be expected, but is not seeing me again for three weeks and has changed my medicine.

Dr Moncrieff's second visit.

Wednesday, 22 January

Wilma slept here

A futile morning of shopping: no horse meat for Emily for the third day running.

Lunched with Lil at her local pub and brought back some milk.

Anne and Sarah turned up about 6.30. Sarah in radiant good form, and Anne looking very much more normal and less suffering from shock.

Wilma was at a theatre with Geraldine and got back about 9.30.

Thursday, 23 January

Wilma and Oswald slept here

Anne went off to Hampstead about 11 o'clock and I took Sarah out after lunch by taxi. Mrs Neal had been out there working and the flat looked clean and was reasonably warm. I stayed there for tea and Anne was wonderful, giving a cheerful homecoming to Sarah.

I got back about 6 o'clock - and Wilma soon afterwards. She has got a cold and slight temp.

Friday, 24 January

Wilma slept here

I succeeded in horse meat for Emily and after lunch went out to Golders Green to take preliminary steps about Sarah's lost clothing card. Walked back to Anne's flat and had tea with her and Sarah. Sarah in the pink and Anne not looking too badly.

Got back before Wilma. The lease for Studleigh Priory has come at last and seems not unsatisfactory. They hope to get in by the middle of next month. Wilma seedy with a chill.

Much telephoning throughout the evening.

Saturday, 25 January

Wilma slept here

Shopped in the morning. Wilma rather seedy with a chill, but shopped in the morning, lunched here, and afterwards went out to Anne, and from there down to the Bawtrees where she was spending the night.

I had tea with Mabel.

Sunday, 26 January

Wilma and Reg slept here

I did not stir out except for taking Waggy Poodle for a trudge.

Reg arrived, almost frozen, in time for a late tea and Wilma for supper.

Felt very overtired.

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