Thursday, 14 January 2010

Week of 14 April 1947

Monday, 14 April

Anne and Sarah slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Sarah arrived mid-day - S looking blooming. After lunch Anne went out shopping and I took S out to John Barnes and got her a pair of navy dungarees. Afterwards we went down to Regent's Park and looked at the yellow boats on the children's pond. Too big a crowd to get on one. Sarah tired and put to bed early after which Anne helped me to go through clothes with a view to Switzerland.

Tuesday, 15 April

I drove with Anne and Sarah to Waterloo. We arrived very early and they got Window seats. I did not wait to see them off, but went off to General Tours in Park Lane to ask them to reserve rooms for Reg and me at the Hotel du Parc at Crans It was not down on their list so I wrote direct to the Hotel by airmail. Heard from BOAC that our return reservations by air from Geneva had been confirmed.

Rang up Reg in the evening. He sounded very tired.

Wednesday, 16 April

I tried unsuccessfully for a jumper in the morning and in the afternoon went to the Labour Exchange about my passport. Had tea out in the garden and did a lot of chores in the evening.

Rang up Bet and asked her to put an advert in the East Anglian for a furnished let for this house. They had had a fine time at the point-to-point.

Reg rang me up - also Pips. They had had a lovely picnic but Anne had got a bad go of neuralgia.

Thursday, 17 April

I helped Celia in the kitchen by washing all the china whilst she spring cleaned.

In the afternoon I went to have tea with Enid and Eve, and looked in first on Mabel, and saw the rooms which are finished, viz the drawing room, Miss Foster's room, etc. These look awfully nice but the rest of the house is chaos. Had a lot of useful information about Switzerland from Eve. Later Negley came in looking very fit, and was very friendly.

Friday, 18 April

Reg and Joan turned up midday and left the car here whilst they met Aline for lunch and a film. Came back again in the evening to pick up the car, and met Patience who was having tea with me before going to the Britten-Pears recital at the Friend's House in aid of the Anti-War International. They did the Schubert Song Cycle of Die Schöne Müllerin. Very lovely.

Saturday, 19 April

Feeling very tired. Met Mabel at Marshalls in the morning to advise her about a summer dress. Mabel came to tea after her interview with Dr Moncrieff out at Hendon. I thought it seemed very satisfactory.

Rang up Awly in the evening to wish her many happy returns. She is 13 today.

Sunday, 20 April

Slept badly and woke tired. Went to Morning Service at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace but I don't like the atmosphere. Spoke to the Gerald Thompsons on my way back. Lit a fire and stayed indoors all the rest of the day.

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