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Week of 21 April 1947

Monday, 21 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Very windy and cold but I felt much better. Lil and Jeremy came to lunch and afterwards he mowed the lawn. He was very pleased with everything and very pleasant, and has certainly grown. They went back before tea and later I rolled the lawn. Enid fell this morning and has sprained her ankle, but Swanberg thinks he can get it right in a few days.

Tuesday, 22 April

Heard this morning that there were no available rooms in Geneva. Had a very busy unsuccessful day trying to fix up something. Went to Swiss Hotel Plans, Thos. Cooke, British Airways but drew a blank everywhere. Mary Welfare and Betty didn't come out to tea on account of Nanny's neuralgia, but Mabel came to a latish tea looking frightfully tired. I also felt very tired.

Wednesday, 23 April

47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory

Caught 9.45 train from Paddington to Oxford, arrived 11.45. Wilma met me with the Lanchester. It was blowing a gale and pouring with rain. Studley Priory is vast and icy cold in this weather. After lunch rested with hot water bottle till teatime by which time Reg and Joan had arrived. Mrs Highett is installed as a permanent [?] and is a great success. There is also an Australian girl -Miss Moneypenny - an authoress - not attractive. Rooms too big for my taste but lounge magnificent and most comfortable - everything wonderfully nice except the weather.

Thursday, 24 April

Studley Priory

I still felt very exhausted though I had a splendid night. Reg and I took a short walk in the morning. In the afternoon he went further afield whilst I rested and after tea he took me on a very pretty drive round by Bill in Wakely [?]. Margaret Gallop turned up in the evening for a couple of nights.

Wilma looks very fit and happy, but works terribly hard.

Friday, 25 April

Studley Priory - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept well and woke to a fine morning which turned into a lovely day. After lunch Reg drove me to Oxford to catch the 3.35 train to Paddington. Joan and Michael Bawtree came with us.

Got back to a lovely clean house in time for a late tea, and found John Carolan on the doorstep. Rang up all three sisters. Also Bet and found that Hester was all right again and had gone back to school this afternoon.

Saturday, 26 April

Anne and Sarah slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt "a wretched shape" and only did the necessary local shopping. When I was lunching Mabel turned up unexpectedly with fish cakes, etc. etc. Very kind. Anne and Sarah turned up soon after 6. Very well and nice, and S wonderfully fresh.

Sunday, 27 April

Anne and Sarah slept here

I stayed in bed till after tea feeling rotten. Anne and Sarah went out to the Scotts for lunch and tea; they had a lovely birthday spread for S.

Soon after they came back Tim Milroy and Pont Howson turned up for a drink. They were very nice and pleasant and very attracted by the house. Mr Milroy may be able to help in getting accommodation in Geneva.

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