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Week of 21 July 1947

Monday, 21 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling poorly. Dr Moncrieff came in the morning and advised me to keep to bed. She said I had picked up some germ but not flu. Blood pressure very good. Mabel came out in the morning and brought me fish cakes.

In the evening I rang up Wenham and Anne told me she had paid the 10% deposit and Trough End was to be surveyed tomorrow, so bar accidents she hopes to move in middle Sept.

A happy note from Bet saying they would very much like to doss down here next Monday and ending "we couldn't have had a more perfect honeymoon".

Dr Moncrieff's 1st visit this quarter.

Tuesday, 22 July

I felt wonderfully better. Had my hair washed in the morning. Reg came to lunch and we had a long interesting talk afterwards.

Wednesday, 23 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Little Gillians, Crosley Green

A busy morning, packing etc. Met Lil at Baker St and we caught the 3.23 train to Rickmansworth where Mrs Parsons met us and drove us up in her car. Everything very luxurious. We had a pre-war tea and afterwards sat out in the garden and walked round with Mr Parsons. Felt a bit tired and rested before dinner.

Dr Moncrieff came to see me in the morning and was delighted with the way I had thrown off the germ.

Dr Moncrieff's second visit this quarter

Thursday, 24 July

Little Gillians - University House

Lil and I both felt tired after short commons of sleep. I came down to breakfast. GH arrived soon after and we started off in his car. A lovely drive via Aylesbury, Banbury and Warwick where we lunched. Reached here at 2 o'clock. Lil and I have very convenient rooms on ground floor with gas fires, near bathroom etc. Unpacked and had tea. Afterwards rested till dinner at 7 o'clock. Afterwards went to reception and an opening speech from GH and Brigardier Torrie. Very tired.

GH drove us round to Woodmans so that I had a glimpse of Norah and Jill and the outside of the house. Lil's two coats are left over at Little Gillians.

Friday, 25 July

University House, Birmingham

I had a short night again in spite of a very comfortable bed. Lil and I both got down to an 8.45 breakfast. Excellent. Afterwards GH drove us to the training college. Day opened with meditation and then lectures from Sir George Shuster and Christmas Humphries. Both very good. After lunch we did this and that and rested till tea. Afterwards we split up into study groups. Mine was not a very inspiring affair and rather slowed up by the very intelligent French professor who had to be translated.

Saturday, 26 July

A delightful day with first-class lectures from George Dickson, industrialist, and Dr Rushforth, a woman psychiatrist from Edinburgh.

In the afternoon Lil and I went down to the town by bus and saw the cathedral. Not nice!

Sunday, 27 July

Spent the morning in our garden and Lil in bed resting. After lunch we joined the excursion to Broadway via Stratford-on-Avon, Chipping-Camden and had tea at Farncombe House Hotel. A guest house recently opened with a gorgeous view. Back another route. Rather too long a business. After cold supper the concert organised by LAG Strong. He read us one of his stories and Mrs Parkinson sang most charmingly. Altogether a good entertainment.

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