Saturday, 2 January 2010

Week of 16 December 1946

Monday, 16 December

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Geraldine came to supper and she and Wilma decorated the little tree Wilma has given me.

Reg rang up to say his plans had changed and he would like to spend the night here tomorrow and meet Joan at Paddington on Wed morning.

Bitterly cold.

Tuesday, 17 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

Colder than ever. I did some shopping and got my hair waved in the afternoon. Reg turned up for tea and Charmian came for supper.

Wednesday, 18 December

Wilma slept here

Reg left early. I did some shopping. Wilma got a bonus from Lowell, White and King, and heard from Ray that the house near Oxford is on the [?].

Thursday, 19 December

Wilma slept here

The first snowfall of the winter and very treacherous going. I lunched with Mabel who had invited the Mayers and we had a great feast of boiled fowl and Christmas pudding. Florence came in to do the cooking. Came back here for an early tea.

Wilma has bought a shoulder bag with part of her bonus but it arrived home split so she is taking it back to the shop to see what can be done.

Friday, 20 December

Wilma slept here

Sharp frost and one has to watch one's step. I went to the Marylebone Food Office and arranged about a fresh food card for Wilma to replace the mysteriously lost one.

Reg and Joan arrived soon after lunch to leave the Flecker goose and a lot of presents, and to take back Joan's.

Later the 3 Grattans turned up for tea and took away all the presents for Wenham and left a lot here.

Saturday, 21 December

Wilma slept here

Coldest day yet. 7 degrees of frost in the morning. Wilma and I were out shopping all morning. Lunched here.

Afterwards I went to tea with Lil, and Wilma to John Barnes and afterwards to tea with Patience.

Sunday, 22 December

Wilma slept here

Wilma and Emily walked up with me to St John Wood's Chapel Chapel where I stayed for morning service.

Wilma went to lunch with Enid and Eve. I was busy in the house all the rest of the day.

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