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Week of 23 December 1946

Monday, 23 December

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went to Miss Messenger in the morning to get my feet seen to, and in the afternoon to the Kensington Hotel Queensgate to drop a parcel of eatables for the Mayers.

A busy evening with Wilma coping with eleventh hour chores before going to the Bawtrees tomorrow for the Christmas holiday.

Tuesday, 24 December

A day clouded for me by the mysterious loss of my red case containing my identity card, Wilma's ditto and my clothing card. Shopped in the morning and to queue for bread. Wilma back early from work. Ray B turned up for lunch and afterwards they both with Emily drove off to Waterloo. I stayed indoors and felt tired and low-spirited.

Wilma had arranged my presents round the Xmas tree on the piano, and I opened them before supper. Such lovely ones! Pippa rang up later to say they had had to get the doctor late last night for Nicky as they had been afraid of mastoid, but it is only an ulcerated throat.

Wednesday, 25 December

I got the telephone people to ring me up at 6.45 and went to 8 o'clock service at St Martin's Hamilton Terrace. Came back for breakfast, then did chores as Celia is not here today. Went to the 11.30 service at St Martin's. A vast crowd and I had difficulty in finding a seat in the gallery. Met Mab afterwards and we went on to lunch with Enid and Eve. Lil was there too. Good drinks and a fine feed of cold turkey and plum pudding. We listened in to the King's Speech and then came over to see Mabel's presents, and I then came back here in time for tea.

Thursday, 26 December

I stayed indoors all morning, prepared lunch, etc. to which Mabel came and stayed for tea.

In the afternoon we walked up to the top of the Terrace and called in and saw the Gerald Thompsons on our way back. It turned wet later and Mabel went back in drenching rain.

Pippa rang up later and said that James had got chicken pox.

Friday, 27 December

A lovely spring-like morning. John the gardener turned up and was able to dig and start upon the path. In the afternoon I met Enid at Dean's Yard and we called at the Deanery where Muriel Don gave us tickets for the Carol Service in the Abbey. She showed me over the Deanery, very interesting, and the service afterwards was beautiful.

Saturday, 28 December

Wilma slept here

Terrible news today. Bet rang me up after tea to say that Grattan had had an accident whilst riding Windhover that morning and had fractured his skull and had been taken to Ipswich Hospital. Anne was there with him. Bet was going in there to take Anne rug, hot water bottle, etc. Later she rang up to say there was no change. He was in a private ward and was quite unconscious.

I rang up Wilma at the Bawtrees and she came back here soon after 10 o'clock to be on the spot. Also rang up Pippa, Yvonne Scott and Mr Caplan and Mabel.

Sunday, 22 December

Bet rang up soon after 7 am to say that Grattan had died at 2.15 and she was just going to Ipswich to bring Anne back. There would have to be an inquest, and Hester would have to attend as she was with Grattan when it happened. Wilma had been packed and ready to catch the 8.30 train to Bentley, but it was arranged she should go by a 3.30.

We lunched together and after she had started I went in and had an early tea with Mabel. We went to the Carol Service at the Oratory. Very foggy.

Bet rang up in the evening. Anne had been in bed all day. Quite dazed and taking no nourishment.

Hester seemed all right. Both she and Anne were having sleeping draughts. Much telephoning.

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