Saturday, 2 January 2010

Week of 9 December 1946

Monday, 9 December

Wilma, and Reg slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Enid and I lunched together at Vegas, and afterwards did some very successful shopping (Xmas).

Got back here about 3 o'clock and found I hadn't got my key!!! After much grief and pain I got a nice young policeman to scale the palings and get in by the kitchen window.

Tuesday, 10 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

Reg went off early in the car and took Aline to walk by Virginia Water. I had my hair washed and waved and lunched here. Reg got back for tea, and in the evening he took Wilma and me to dine at the RAC. Very pleasant.

Wednesday, 11 December

Wilma slept here

Reg went back to the Farm after an early lunch, and dropped me at Mabel's, after which I went and had tea with Lil who is in bed with a cold. Both Wilma and I were held up in a traffic jam on our return.

Thursday, 12 December

Wilma slept here

Mabel's birthday and I gave her lunch at the Crete Restaurant off Tottenham Court Rd. Did some Xmas shopping and got back early to see to supper to which Eve is coming.

Anne rang up to say that Grattan had arrived home from Germany.

Friday, 13 December

Wilma slept here

A very unpleasant foggy day, and both Wilma and both Wilma and I felt as if we were shaping for colds.

Saturday, 14 December

Wilma slept here

Felt seedy in the morning and stayed in bed till lunchtime. I remained indoors all day.

Wilma has a heavy cold but shopped in the morning and went out to Anne for tea and supper.

I got through a lot of chores in the dining room and read The Snow Goose in a lovely illustrated edition.

Sunday, 15 December

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I stayed indoors and did up masses of parcels. Mabel came out to tea.

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