Thursday, 28 January 2010

Week of 9 June 1947

Monday, 9 June

Hotel Eden, Geneva - 47 Hamilton Terrace

A lovely morning. We did some 11th hour shopping in Geneva and left the airport at 1.45, reaching Northolt 2 1/2 hours later, after a wonderfully pleasant trip. Owing to double summer time we did not get home till 6.30.

We both felt quite fresh and in good spirits though a bit sad the holiday was over. A lot of family telephoning in the evening. Everyone well.

Celia had stained the surrounds and the house was looking very spick and span.

Tuesday, 10 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Dr Moncrieff came in the morning and saw both Reg and me. Took my blood pressure which was 170 which she said was quite all right. I am to stop my medicines for the present.

Reg lunched here and caught the 3.18 train to Horsham. Mabel came out to tea. Looking nice and well but I'm afraid not really any better.

Dr Moncrieff's 4th visit this quarter

Wednesday, 11 June

A cooler day. I had longer sleep and felt rested and well.

Lunched with Enid, looked in on Mab afterwards and came back in time for tea. Had a nice cold supper prepared for Pips, but when at 7.30 she hadn't turned up, I phoned CH and she told me it was tomorrow she was coming!!

Thursday, 12 June

Felt well and shopped in morning. Lil came out to tea and after she left Pippa arrived in her car and stayed till 10 o'clock when she left to pick up Oswald after a Masonic function.

We had supper on the loggia and a very nice time together, but I thought her looking most awfully tired.

Friday, 13 June

A good night and a good day. I did not meet any of the family but was busy at home.

Got tomato plants and petunias from Clifton Nurseries and John Carolan put in the tomatoes for me in the evening. I prepared the bed in the front garden and did some watering etc. Pips rang up. All well there.

Saturday, 14 June

I shopped locally in the morning and in the afternoon. Mabel came to tea and stayed for an early supper after which we went to see the last performance of The Guinea Pig. Very pleasant and well acted but not outstanding.

In the afternoon John Carolan came and put in my petunias in the front garden.

Very sad news today via Wenham that Nanny is dying. I rang up for latest bulletin and heard that the doctor does not expect her to last long.

Sunday, 15 June

Did not sleep well and felt tired. Gave up the idea of church. Lunched with Lil and afterwards came back and prepared supper for Margot and her friend Joy Rennie. It all went very well and pleasantly.

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