Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week of 24 March 1947

Monday, 24 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped in the morning, lunched here, then bussed to Nanny and tried her piano with a view to Betty buying it for Awly. Then on to tea with Lil, and back via the Berkeley where I handed in Roddy's hat which had been left by mistake at Lil's.

Anne and Sarah had a long day, meeting Bet at Paddington and lunching together, then on to Harrods for haircut and finally to tea with Enid. Bet was on her way to Oxford to inspect a possible school for Hester.

Tuesday, 25 March

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham Hall

Taxied to Liverpool St station to go to Wenham by 2.22 train. Met Bet there, returning from Oxford where she had spent the night at Studley. Had a very pleasant journey down and a very pleasant evening together. Bet looking very well and in good spirits. Children both very nice.

Wednesday, 26 March

Great Wenham Hall

Had a good night. We went out and picked snowdrops which Bet took down later for sale.

Thursday, 27 March

Slept badly and felt poorly all day. Stayed in bed most of the morning.

In the afternoon we walked to Daphne Barclay's house to leave books for Penel who is in bed, then on to the camp where squatters have moved in. Bet interviewed an ex gardener to come and get the garden round.

Friday, 28 March

Great Wenham Hall - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet and the children drove with me part of the way to Bentley where I caught the 3.40 train. Got home about 6.30. Nice clean house. Several letters to meet me and some lovely daffs from Mab. Felt tired and went early to bed.

Saturday, 29 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

I am 71 today. Nice letters and a very super waste-paper basket from Mabel.

Lunched with Lil, and afterwards to the Mercury Theatre (her birthday present to me) to see Murder in the Cathedral which we both greatly liked. Robert Spaight is perfect as Thomas à Becket.

Bet rang me up in the evening and sounded very cheery.

Sunday, 30 March

Same deplorable weather. I went to Morning Service at St Martin's and on to lunch with Mabel. Came back here early as Anne and Sarah came to tea.

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