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Week of 26 May 1947

Monday, 26 May

Hotel Eden, Geneva

A glorious day. Unfortunately Reg and I both slept very badly though I had taken allonal. So we were very tired, but except for that everything was perfect. I spent most of the morning in bed and rested again in the afternoon, but sat in the park both before and after lunch at the Perle du Lac restaurant. Reg did some chores in the town and explored the railway station.

We had tea (or rather chocolate) up in my room.

Dollie Ettinger dined with us at the Perle du Lac restaurant. Very pleasant.

Tuesday, 27 May

Hotel Eden, Geneva

Another mid-summer day. Rather on the hot side but very lovely. We shopped in the morning and I got a pair of white shoes and a floppy white straw hat, Reg two pairs of shoes.

We lunched with D. Ettinger on the roof of the Palais des Nations. A glorious view and a first class meal but I had to sell her my hat to avoid her getting sunstroke and bought a replica in the afternoon. Afterwards we were shown over part of the building. Vast and magnificent. Collected out travellers cheques, etc. (very complicated). We enjoyed ourselves but both felt tired after a pretty lovely day.

Wednesday, 28 May

Hotel Eden, Geneva - Pas de l'Ours, Crans sur Sierre

A very hot day. We did some successful shopping (black court shoes, stockings, zip travelling bag) before leaving Geneva by 1.5 train. Had a first class lunch in the train to Lausanne. Arrived Sierre and caught funicular to Montana arriving about 5 o'clock. Had some time to wait for autobus to Crans. Were dropped at the arrêt to Pas de l'Ours about half a mile from the hotel. No-one to meet us so left our luggage and walked on. Found we had not been expected till a later train. Magnificent panorama of snow mountains with foreground of green alps and pine wood. Nice chalet type of hotel, but uneatable from Reggie's point of view.

Thursday, 29 May

Pas de l'Ours, Crans sur Sierre

Woke to a gorgeous day. Reg had slept badly and was very tired. We went our own ways most of the day, and both rested for a bit after lunch. I walked round by the Golf Hotel, Lac de Crans and over the links in the morning, and in the afternoon climbed up to the Café de Mont Blanc through the forest at the back of the hotel. A wonderful panorama. I had café complet there. After supper Reg and I strolled around.

Friday, 30 May

Pas de l'Ours, Crans sur Sierre

Lovely weather still holding but Reg had slept badly and felt poorly. I walked to Montana and back and got some things at the English chemist, also strawberries and had an ice cream. After lunch we rested as usual and then walked by different routes to the Café Bisste near to the Café Mont Blanc - a lovely walk.

After dinner we walked up to the Pas de l'Ours ? Had a nice post from Pippa, Bets, Lil and Mabel.

Saturday, 31 May

Pas de l'Ours

A lovely day. We took a picnic lunch with us and left the hotel about 10.45. Climbed up through the woods by the ski-lift up to the Signal - a lovely plateau. Lunched a little further on and tried to carry on to Vermala. Thought we might not make it and turned back and got to Vermala by the road. A beautiful view and we had some lemonade in a restaurant overlooking the big ski jump. Came down by Montana Hall, the English Sanatorium, and back by Montana. Out about 6 hours. Reg greatly impressed by my walking prowess!

Sunday, 1 June

Pas de l'Ours

Hotter than ever. Felt a little tired and took an easy day. Walked in morning with Miss Alderson and Lady Alistair Graham to see a lovely field of flowers and in the afternoon wandered over the links. Reg took his lunch out and went for a long walk. In the evening we both admitted the time had come to move on, and we decided to go down to Sierre tomorrow and prospect.

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