Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 2 December A1946

Monday, 2 December

Wilma, and Reg slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg arrived in time for tea. He's staying here for the week.

In the morning I went to Olympia to try and book seats for Flecker and Bawtree children but there was a colossal queue and after half an hour's wait I gave it up.

A local vet Mr Cartbaid came to see Emily. He thinks badly of her eye. She has got glaucoma.

Tuesday, 3 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

Feeling very poorly all day. Reg drove me to John Barnes where I handed over a rabbit to Anne and then to the Mercury Theatre where we took tickets for tonight's performance of The Family Reunion. We drove there in the car and Tess Bawtree spent the evening with Wilma.

The doctor saw Sarah again and found her much better.

Wednesday, 4 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

A very lovely day and I felt very much better. Lunched with Esmé Montgomery at the English Speaking Union.

Reg went down to Virginia Water and took a lovely walk in the forest.

Thursday, 5 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

Reg motored me to LNE Hotel where e had a good lunch, and afterwards went to see a collection of sea pictures at the Guildhall. Then we motored to Olympia and got tickets for the circus. Then I returned here for tea whilst Reg went and had tea with Mabel.

Friday, 6 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

My job gardener turned up and did a good day's work and drank a lot of tea! His name's John Carolan. I did some local shopping and lunched here. Afterwards did some shopping in Oxford Street (unsuccessfully) and on my way back got Xmas cards, zip bag for Pippa and house meat for Emily. Reg spent most of the day with Aline. He hears that the work on the Elmhurst kitchen won't be finished till next Wednesday so he will stay here till then.

Saturday, 7 December

Reg slept here

Much coming and going. Reg made an early start for the Farm and only got back for a late tea before meeting Eve for dinner.

Wilma off early too to pick up Tess and Jenny and take them to Cobham where they will probably spend the Xmas holidays. She is sleeping the night there.

I went out to lunch and tea with Anne and Sarah. S much better but Anne's neuralgia still bad.

Sunday, 8 December

Wilma and Reg slept here

Reg and I stopped indoors till evening when we drove Patience back, who had come over for tea and had arrived drenched. We looked in on Anne on our way back.

Wilma got back in time for a late supper.

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