Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 25 November 1946

Monday, 25 November

Wilma, slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped in Knightsbridge in the afternoon and had tea with Lil.

Tuesday, 26 November

Wilma and Oswald slept here

Wilma started off early with the Bawtrees for a long house-hunting trip round by Oxford. Nothing decided. I lunched at Vegas, went to Burlington House to see the King's Pictures, then to see Aunt Julia and then to tea with Mabel.

Oswald turned up about 9.30 to sleep, and Wilma only got back about 9 pm.

Wednesday, 27 November

Wilma and Daphne Pemberton slept here

Did very little. Daphne turned up after tea. She is staying a couple of nights.

Thursday, 28 November

Wilma and Daphne slept here

Daphne went off early on a round of visits. I met Enid to lunch at Vegas and spent most of the afternoon at Hatchett's looking at children's books for Christmas.

Friday, 29 November

Wilma slept here

Daphne left.

Dr Swanberg's fifth and last treatment.

Saturday, 30 November

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I went our various ways shopping in the morning. Lunched at home together. In the afternoon, Ray, Tess and Jenny Bawtree came over here for a family conclave, and I went to tea with Mabel.

Sunday, 1 December

Wilma slept here

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel, and Wilma tried to dig in the garden but the soil was too wet. In the afternoon she met Tess and Jenny for a walk in Regent's Park and they all came back to tea. Later Roddy and Diana came in for a drink. It was Diana's first visit to the house.

Sarah has some abdominal pain and is to see the doctor.

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