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Week of 30 June 1947

Monday, 30 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

A very busy day. Bought a pink washing frock at Liberty's. Arranged with Lil to meet her at Chatham House tomorrow for a lecture by Sir Arthur Salter. Mabel came out to tea.

Tuesday, 1 July

Bet slept here

A letter from Bet to say she was going to marry Pont (Herbert Frederick Howson) and that he was driving her up this afternoon and they would both be arriving for tea. I feel very happy about it.

Met Lil at Chatham House for a lecture from Sir Arthur Salter on the Marshall Plan. Came back here to eat sandwiches for tea, but Bet and Pont did not arrive till about 5.30. They both look very happy, and I found Pont very easy, and he looks so kind and good. He left about 6.30 to dine with his mother, and Bet went off soon afterwards to dine with Lil.

Wednesday, 2 July

Bet slept here

Bet lunched with Roddy and told him the news! Came back to tea and Pont met her. Afterwards they went off to meet his mother and sister, and then on to dine together. Finally returned here about 11 o'clock and sat up in the drawing room till about 2 o'clock.

I lunched with Lil who felt awfully tired after very short commons of sleep.

Thursday, 3 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham Hall

A busy morning dashing off to Selfridge's to get food to take down to Wenham. Then Pont arrived about 11.30 and we lunched together off grilled trout. We then picked up Bet who had been lunching with Kemball Johnson and went on to Brixton for Nanny's funeral. Pont sat in his car whilst we drove with the family to Streatham Cemetery. 12 mourners, quite a short service. A great display of flowers. Afterwards had tea and then started for Wenham arriving about 7 o'clock. Tim Milroy and Pont had supper with us. The marriage is to be almost immediately by special licence.

Friday, 4 July

Great Wenham Hall

A very lovely day. Hectic happenings. Wedding fixed for Thursday 10th. Had a great picking of blackcurrants. Went to tea with Tim Milroy and saw over Wenham Place. Anne had been going to see a possible house near Stowmarket but at the 11th hour heard it had just been sold. A great blow as she feels now more than ever that she must clear out as soon as she can. Not of course that Pont and Bet would ever make a move in that direction.

Saturday, 5 July

Great Wenham Hall

A lot of fruit picking and preparing for bottling. A caravan has been found for the honeymoon.

Bet dined at Wenham Place.

Sunday, 6 July

Great Wenham Hall - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Left Great Wenham with Pont by car soon after 10 o'clock for New Hall where Hester and Awly showed me over the school and then came on with us to Chelmsford and deposited me in train for London. Pont took the girls out for lunch and a bathe, and to break the news of the engagement. After supper I rang up Bet to know how it had gone and to my amazement had a talk with Awly and Hester who had returned with Pont to stay till after the wedding!!

I lunched at Stewart's Restaurant at Victoria, and then went on to Mabel, and told both her and Enid the news. Great excitement. Got home about 7 o'clock. Rang up Pippa and Reg. Both very excited and pleased!

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