Saturday, 16 January 2010

Week of 28 April 147

Monday, 28 April
Anne and Sarah slept here
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne was out all morning at hairdresser, dentist, etc., and Sarah was as good as gold; and we had an ice cream at Selfridge's.
In the afternoon they went out again shopping (unsuccessful). Mabel came to tea looking shockingly tired, and thought the same of me!! David Naply called for Anne in his car and took her out to dine at Mill Hill.
I rang up Anne Gordon, niece of Mrs Byrne who is writing to her father at Geneva to try and get us rooms.
Tuesday, 29 April
I stayed in bed till after tea and then came down for an hour or two and got my supper. Anne and I both slept badly and I felt a wretched shape all day. I was expecting Dr Moncrieff but she did not turn up.
Anne and Sarah left at 9 o'clock for Paddington; they had some difficulty in getting a taxi.
Dr Moncrieff turned up just after 9 o'clock . Blood pressure 190. Heart and pulse good. Will see me again next Tuesday.
Changed my medicine.
Dr Moncrieff's second visit in spring quarter.
Wednesday, 30 April
I felt quite a lot better and got downstairs about 12 o'clock and wrote letters till lunchtime. Afterwards I shopped locally in Clifton Rd and went to Clifton Nurseries and brought back 1 doz chrysanthemums in pots and a couple of oriental poppies. John Carolan had said he would come and do some work in the evening but he did not turn up.
Thursday, 1 May
Shopped locally in morning and took down my green dress to Barratt in Brompton Rd (cleaners) after lunch. Mabel came to an early tea and stayed for supper.
Reg rang up in evening - back at the farm - feeling depressed and not too well. He will come up on Tuesday to see Dr Moncrieff.
Friday, 2 May
Craggs from DC Martin mended pane in spare room and did some small jobs. After lunch went to Jane Morris and left my grey hat to be cleaned and renovated. Then on to tea at Lil's. Thought she looked well and cheerful.
Saturday, 3 May
I felt distinctly better. Shopped in morning and after lunch went and sat with Enid and had tea with her. On the way I looked in at Mabel's (she was out at Hendon seeing Dr Moncrieff) and arranged some flowers in her bedroom. She is moving back there tonight after seven years in the dining room!!
Dan Farson left for Germany this morning. He and a friend are motoring all the way to Wiesbaden where he is going to be quartered.
Sunday, 4 May
I didn't go to church. Mabel came out to tea and I walked with her to St John's Wood where she caught a bus back. Afterwards I worked in the garden for an hour, forking the bed under the loggia and rolling part of the lawn. I felt the better for it.

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