Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 21 October 1946

Monday, 28 October

Wilma, Tess and Jenny slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling much better. Bet, Hester and Barnaby lunched here. In the afternoon Tess and I took Barnaby, Jenny and luggage to Anne's for tea where we met Bet and Hester who had been shopping. Bet, Anne and Hester went later to see The Guinea Pig, and Tess and Jenny stayed behind to keep house. After supper Grattan drove them back here and Hester came too.

I have felt much better today.

Tuesday, 29 October

Wilma, Tess and Jenny slept here

A tiring non-stop day. Shopping morning and afternoon. Then Bet turned up for tea (with crumpets). Afterwards Ray, Tess and Jenny came back from a shopping jaunt. Ray  stayed for drinks, and finally for supper. I felt very tired in spite of the fact that Wilma and Tess did all the cooking, etc. Bet and Hester had been to Buckingham Palace Investiture to receive Denis's OBE. She said it was all very well organised. Dr Moncrieff came to see me. Very pleased with my blood pressure - 150!

Dr Moncrieff's seventh treatment.

Wednesday, 30 October

Wilma, Tess and Jenny slept here

Feeling very over-tired and stayed in bed till after supper. Dr Swanberg came and gave me a treatment.

Thursday, 31 October

Wilma and Reg slept here

A fine day and I felt very much better. Shopped morning and afternoon.

I found Reg here when I returned at 4 o'clock. He is staying till Sunday.

Tess and Jenny left after lunch for Anne's where they are staying for the present.

Friday, 1 November

Wilma and Reg slept here

A horrid wet day but I felt much better. Lunched with Enid at Vegas. A nice vegetarian restaurant near Leicester Square. Did some Xmas shopping on my return. Mabel had tea.

Saturday, 2 November

Wilma and Reg slept here

Reg went off in car with Aline for Joan's half term.

I felt much better and went to the matinée of The Family Reunion by TS Eliot at the Mercury Theatre. Greatly liked it.

Wilma had tea with Anne and Grattan. Reg back for dinner.

Sunday, 3 November

Wilma slept here

Reg took Wilma and me to lunch at the Czechoslovakia Restaurant in Abbey Rd and afterwards drove back to the farm.

Tess and Jenny came to tea - also Geraldine Noyes and there was a great sewing party. Wilma went back with Tess for supper with Anne.

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