Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week of 31 March 1947

Monday, 31 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

John Carolan came to see me this morning about the garden and will start work (half a day a week) next Monday. Did some shopping and bought 3 Army blankets for Bet to replace those she lent me in 1945.

After lunch had my hair waved.

Tuesday, 1 April

Reg slept here

I felt much better. Shopped in morning. Lunched with Anne and Sarah (their last day in the flat). Took S to Golders Green afterwards to get tickets and money. Then taxied home with Anne's wireless which she is lending me. Reg arrived for tea. Very pleasant evening.

Wednesday, 2 April

Reg and Joan slept here

Shopped in morning and lunched here. Then went to Liverpool St stopping at Bumpers en route to buy a book for Joan. Met Anne and Sarah on the platform, Anne looking less dead beat than yesterday and Sarah a most competent little traveller. Deposited my contributions for Wenham. Returned here, and soon afterwards Aline and Joan arrived. Aline only stayed for a hurried tea. Reg arrived about 6 o'clock, drenched to the skin and cancelled the engagement to meet Aline at dinner. Played cards with Joan. All went very easily and pleasantly.

Thursday, 3 April

Reg slept here

Reg drove Joan and me down to see Enid and Mabel, and he then took Joan on to the Paddington Hotel. Mabel and I lunched at the Pelham Grill and then I came straight back to be here for Dr Moncrieff's visit. She found me much better, was pleased about Switzerland, gave me some powders and will come to see me again on Tuesday April 22nd.

Reg had tea here and then went out to dine with Aline, and I went in to the Lenten Service at St Martin's and met Mabel there.

Friday, 4 April

Reg drove me down to British Overseas Airways Building in Victoria and booked seats for us in a plane flying to Geneva on Sunday May 25th. He then went out to pick up Joan at Paddington Hotel to drive her down to Hove where she is going into a nursing home for a nose operation. I felt perished with cold but attended part of the Three Hours Service at St John's Wood Chapel. Rather disappointed in it.

Rang up Wenham. All well, H and A expected back tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 April

Shopped locally and lunched here, went to tea with Enid and then called on ? Park and left her some eggs. Felt tired and off colour.

Awly rang me up in the evening to thank me for the piano. She seems very delighted. Reg also rang up to say that Joan's operation had been quite successful and that she was in no pain.

Sunday, 6 April

I went to the 8 o'clock Communion at St John's Wood Chapel and had meant to go to morning service, but turned very good for nothing so gave it up and lay down instead. In the afternoon went to tea with Lil and met Diana. Quite pleasant but I felt a wretched shape.

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