Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week of 1 December 1947

Monday, 1 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

I had a sore throat and stayed in bed till teatime. Then came down to the dining room which Mrs O'Leary had warmed up for me. Mabel in bed but feeling better. Dr Atkinson saw her this morning.

Tuesday, 2 December

A lovely bright day and though I was full of cold I muffed up and did the local shopping and went to the Wool Shop in Edgware Rd to get Anne some materials she had asked for. Spent the rest of the day in the dining room.

Wednesday, 3 December

Felt less well and decided to spend the day in bed. The chest of drawers which Reg is lending me came up from Horsham. It is very nice. Mabel much better.

Atkinson has seen her again. Mrs O'Leary is managing very well.

Thursday, 4 December

Felt better but decided to spend a second day in bed today and scotch the cold. Rang up Dr Moncrieff and she will come to see me tomorrow. Felt rather fed up with bed, and I think Mrs O'Leary is too!!

Mabel up in the drawing room.

Friday, 5 December

Felt better but not well. Dr Moncrieff came this morning and prescribed and will see me again on Tuesday. Says I have tractcitis. Blood pressure 150 which she thinks on the low side. Has given me priority milk and will see me again on Tuesday. Came downstairs after lunch and Enid came to tea with me. Very nice.

Dr Moncrieff''s 3rd visit to me this quarter.

Saturday, 6 December

Feeling better and came down to lunch. Mrs O'Leary's brother came to see me about some odd jobs - mending house steps, etc. Lil came out after an early lunch and had an early cup of tea before going back. Very pleasant to have her company and she was looking well. Mabel took the whole day in bed and felt the better for it.

Sunday, 7 December

Had a lovely night but woke feeling less well. A sort of after-flu feeling. Got up in time to see to my lunch, and afterwards walked up the Terrace as far as the church. Rather cold and misty but I was glad of the air. Had not been out of the house since Tuesday. Enid in bed with gout.

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