Friday, 12 February 2010

Week of 24 November 1947

Monday, 24 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Sarah and I went down to Clifton Rd whilst Anne shopped on her own. They had an early lunch before starting for King's X to catch the bus for Colchester. I left before they did for Alice Patterson's memorial service at 12.30. Taken by Bishop of Gloucester, lesson read by Mr Attlee. Met Lil and Mabel there. Afterwards lunched with them at Lyon's Corner House. I then did some Christmas shopping at Civil Service Stores. Then to Harrods to change my book.Very tired and had tea and supper up in my room - the latter in bed.

Tuesday, 25 November

Pippa slept here

Felt very tired but did a little local shopping in the morning. In the afternoon Miss Wade came along, and we arranged that she would make me my dressing gown. She stayed for tea, and later Pippa turned up, and later still we bussed down to Marble Arch and saw the Royal Wedding film at Monsignor's. Very good.

Home to a late supper and a pleasant evening.

Wednesday, 26 November

Pips left about 10 o'clock. I was out morning and afternoon and did some satisfactory Christmas shopping and got myself an inexpensive purse [?] bag.

Thursday, 27 November

Felt less tired. Had tea with Margaret Thompson.

Friday, 28 November

Coldest day yet, but sunny and Swiss. Mabel came to lunch, in good spirits but not looking well. She was feeling sick and giddy and thought she had got a chill on her liver. She left before tea.

Eve and Negley started this afternoon on their trip to Kenya.

Saturday, 29 November

Woke feeling seedy but hoped for the best and bussed in to S Kensington for a 12 o'clock lunch with Enid, after which we went to the Empire to see My Own Execution by Nigel Balchin. A very interesting film and beautifully acted.

Feeling none the worse and spending the evening in the dining room.

Looked in on Mabel who is spending the day in bed.

Sunday, 30 November

Mabel still poorly but on the sofa in the drawing room. I lunched with her and got her her tea. I left her supper in her room, reaching home about 7 o'clock. Pips rang up just after I returned. I did not feel up to much and spent the morning in bed.

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