Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week of 8 December 1947

Monday, 8 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Still feeling a 'wretched shape' but went down to Clifton Rd before lunch and did the local shopping. Did not go out again.

Rang up Anne in the evening. She sounded pretty mouldy herself.

Tuesday, 9 December

Slept badly with a 'crise de nerfs' and felt altogether good for nothing. Dr Moncrieff came in the morning, changed my medicine and will come again next Tuesday unless I put her off. Blood pressure back to 200. Sanctioned my tackling my Xmas shopping, so after an early lunch I went to Baker St and finished my cards, and also got bedroom slippers for Sarah.

Dr Moncrieff's 4th visit this quarter

Wednesday, 10 December

Did a little local shopping in the morning and in the afternoon went out to say goodbye to Patience and Michael and to see Timmy and Hilary. Had an early tea with them and got back soon after 5 o'clock.

Michael rang up the FO and asked them to find me a nice lodger. Mrs Foster left this afternoon. She has been here 18 months.

Thursday, 11 December

A friend of Helen Muir's came to see me about my room, but I don't think anything will come of it. I am not keen as she would have to buy a piano as she is studying music. Lunched with Kathleen and saw Mabel on my way and on my way back. She was in bed and looked very unfit to have Peggy Richardson and her children for tea.

Friday, 12 December

Had a bad night with diarrhoea and took all day in bed, and felt a lot better by evening.

Reg rang up in the evening and I was in touch with all 3 sisters. It was Mabel's birthday and I had been going to spend it with her. She was also in bed.

Mrs O'Leary most kind and helpful, doing all my necessary shopping.

Saturday, 13 December

Had a good night. No more diarrhoea but feel very pulled down. Got up for lunch.

Enid came and spent the afternoon with me, which I greatly enjoyed.

Sunday, 14 December

Felt a wretched shape with internal pain, but came down for lunch. Mrs O'Leary came round for an hour to light the fire, etc. Lil came out in the afternoon. Stayed for tea.

Mabel has seen Dr Atkinson who says she must stay in bed for a week.

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