Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Week of 1 January 1948

Thursday, 1 January 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa and Oswald left after breakfast. In the afternoon I went to see Enid who was taking the day in bed and afterwards had tea with Mabel.

Friday, 2 January

Reg and Joan slept here

A damp unpleasing day but I felt better. Reg and Joan arrived at 4 o'clock. He looks definitely seedy. He ordered a car from the Alliance Co. to take us to the Coliseum to see Annie Get Your Gun. A very good show.

On our return we found the house had been burgled - drawing room window open. Drawers pulled out. Dining room door blocked with chair. Contents of purse and jewel case stolen. Bedroom clock, clothing coupons, silver fox fur, etc. etc. The police came and did their stuff! Not in bed till midnight!!

Saturday, 3 January

Inspector Reynolds from St John's Wood Police Station arrived at 10 o'clock and went all over the house. The thief or thieves obviously came in by drawing room window and went out by back door.

Reg saw Joan off at Paddington Station by 12.30 train and came back here for lunch. He caught the 3.18 down to Horsham.

Joan Hoare from the Foreign Office (aged 23) came to see my basement rooms, and arranged to take them from Saturday 10th inst at £12-12-6 per week.

Sunday, 4 January

I went to morning service and then on to lunch with Mabel. Afterwards whilst she rested I wrote letters and went over to see Enid. Then back to tea with Mabel and afterwards home via Trafalgar Square to see the Norwegian Christmas Tree.

Mrs O'Leary's brother has made a 1st class job of distempering the basement. It looks splendid now.


  1. re 3rd Jan.....
    £12.12.6d per week is a hell of a big rent for a 23 year old girl in 1948?

  2. You are absolutely right! I checked again and I had misread what my grandmother had written was: £2-12-6. Thanks very much for pointing it out to me.