Friday, 19 February 2010

Week of 5 January 1948

Monday, 5 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped locally and had an early lunch. Went to Westminster Bank for Sun Insurance Policy, checked over jewellery in their care, and got some useful information. Then on to Mabel where I met Lil who was looking poorly.

Then walked with Mabel to a delicatessen shop in Fulham Rd to order eats for her cocktail party on Wednesday. She was walking (but not looking) well. Came back here to tea. Reg rang up and said he was much better.

Tuesday, 6 January

I went to A&N Stores where I got a pair of blankets for Anne's birthday, and then on to lunch with Lil. Back in time for tea after which Lucy Junior came to install burglar-proof screws on my windows.

Anne rang up to tell me that she and Sarah would come up next week for 2 or 3 nights and that Bet was going to ask me to put up Hester and Awly too for a night.

Wednesday, 7 January

Went to Palace Theatre in morning to get tickets for Nicky and me for Charlie's Aunt on Friday. When I got back I found Ruth Browning here cleaning her bike. Wished her further but gave her lunch.

Went to tea with Enid and then on to Mabel for her cocktail party. Felt much too tired to enjoy myself but it was a very good party. I had a bit of supper with Mabel afterwards and then back to bed.

Both Pips and Bet rang me up.

Thursday, 8 January

Had a splendid night helped by Soneryl and felt much better. Met Philippa at 11.30 at Liverpool St station and took her over to Victoria where she met friends. Came back to lunch and stayed at home for the rest of the day.

Friday, 9 January

Nicky Flecker slept here

I met Nicky at Victoria at 11.30 and we bussed back to Clifton Rd and shopped there before returning for an early lunch. Then to the Palace Theatre to see Charlie's Aunt - last seen about 50 years ago! I found it very hard to laugh, but Nicky greatly enjoyed it. Then back by tube in a hellish crowd to a cosy evening in the dining room, but felt very tired and went to bed when Nicky did - at 9 o'clock!

Saturday, 10 January

Woke very tired in spite of a good night with Soneryl. Breakfasted downstairs with Nicky and then shopped in Clifton Road and looked at barges on the canal.

Pippa and James arrived soon after 11 o'clock, and after tea and cake Pippa took the children to Selfridge's to buy our lunch, which included ice brick! Afterwards Mabel and Lil both arrived to see the children dressed up for the Mansion House Children's Party. They both looked delightful - Nicky as a Chinese girl in black and orange, and James as a page in scarlet and white. Joan Hoare with her father arrived soon after and she settled in to her basement flat. Mabel rested in the afternoon and stayed to tea.

Sunday, 11 January

Woke tired, and did not come down till nearly lunch time. Afterwards bussed in to Lil's flat where I asked Roddy's advice about my insurance claim and afterwards played a couple of games of chess with Jeremy before coming back here for tea. Very wet and unpleasant.

Rang up Anne who said Sarah was better.

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