Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Week of 29 December 1947

Monday, 29 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feel much better. Dr Moncrieff looked in this morning unexpectedly, but did not pay a professional visit. In the afternoon I went down to Peter Jones and got some stockings with the coupons Mabel had given me.

Rang up Anne and heard a better account of them and of Wenham.

Tuesday, 30 December

Pippa and Oswald slept here

I feel wonderfully better. Did not go beyond Clifton Road. Was busy cooking in the afternoon. Oswald arrived about 5.30 and Pips a bit later. We had a very pleasant evening and they enjoyed their dinner.

Wednesday, 31 December

Pippa and Oswald slept here

Woke to a slight covering of snow but it soon cleared. Pippa and Oswald set off after breakfast but got back in time for a high tea before going to the theatre. I had an early lunch and then went to see Mabel, via Selfridges, Harrods and the bank. She had had one of her nasty turns and was resting on her bed. Dr Atkinson came to see her whilst I was there. I could not quite make out what he thought of her.

Got back to tea. Rang up Anne after supper, and Reg rang me up. Both of them sounded very low.

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