Friday, 26 February 2010

Week of 1 March 1948

Monday, 1 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Did not stir beyond NW8 - lots of things to see to before the [?]'s arrival tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 2

Very busy. Marjatta Sorsa arrived about 4 o'clock, and at first sight seems extremely nice. Most willing to do all my work. She had tea with me and then unpacked. Great luxury to have tea and supper washed up.

Wednesday, 3 March

Marjatta has done very well for her first day, and I have been showing her around. In the afternoon we went about her ration card at the Marylebone Town Hall - also to Selfridge's.

A letter from Bet to say they have signed and sealed for the Farm, and Pont is moving over at once but will be at Wenham for weekends.

Thursday, 4 March

Alice Parsons slept here

Busy morning preparing for the arrival of Alice Parsons. Pont, up in town just for the day, looked in after lunch, and AP turned up soon afterwards and met him.

We had an early supper and bussed down to Albert Hall for the Furtwangler concert. On our return, I crashed on to my face in Victoria Station yard. Some cuts and bruises and a groggy [?]. A nice girl got us a taxi and the doctor at 43 HT administered first aid. I don't know what I should have done without AP.

Friday, 5 March

Alice Parsons slept here

A restless uncomfortable night. Dr McKinnon came round at 9 am and was quite satisfied and we agreed for my own doctor to carry on. Knee very painful if I attempt to use. Bed essential.

Alice P was leaving this morning but very kindly insisted on staying on to look after me. Marjatta also, kindness personified. I don't know what I should have done without them both. Mabel came out in the afternoon and got me my tea.

Saturday, 6 March

Alice Parsons slept here

A much better night. Knee less painful and face returning to normal. Alice will stay till tomorrow. Dr O'Hanighan, a partner of Dr Moncrieff's came and ordered arnica internally and externally.

Enid came out in the afternoon and gave me my tea. Alice Parsons has brought me lovely tulips and a box of dates. Wilma rang up, not knowing of mishap, and is coming up on Tuesday to spend the day with me. Enid brought bedpan and bell - a godsend.

Sunday, 7 March

Betterness continues, but of course still bed-bound. Alice left at 11.30. Lil came out and spent the afternoon with me. Dr McKinnon looked in on a friendly basis to make enquiries. A nice old fellow.

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