Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Week of 23 February 1948

Monday, 23 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

I felt very tired but bucked up after a lovely lunch which Reg gave me at L'Ecu de France in Jermyn St. I came back afterwards, stopping at the goldsmith's and silversmith's to get my watch glass put in.

After tea Tim and Claretia Milroy came for drinks, and Reg arrived later.

Tuesday, 24 February

Reg slept here

I felt tired but not bad. Took round eggs to Lil (buying Anne's sweets on the way) and then on to tea with Enid, leaving eggs there and finally ditto at Mabel's where I met Reg and we came home together.

Wednesday, 25 February

Reg slept here

A lovely sunny day but very cold. I did not go beyond my Clifton Road beat.

Thursday, 26 February

Reg slept here

In the afternoon I met Reg at No. 1 Studio and we saw a French film Lunegarde (quite good) followed by The Overlanders (outstanding) but the 2 together were rather tiring.

Friday, 27 February

Reg slept here

Reg and I walked to Paddington and caught the 9.45 train to Cholsey where we got a car and drove to Joan's school. A long interview with Miss Norris, the headmistress. Rather unsatisfactory and Reg was not very impressed by her presentation of her case. I then saw the matron and the form mistress whilst Reg saw Joan. We lunched in a teashop in Wallingford and caught a 2.15 back, arriving Paddington just before 4. Home in time for tea which we were very glad of.

Saturday, 81 February

Reg slept here

Reg went down to London Airport, getting back in time for tea. I remained put - did some cooking etc. We had a very pleasant last evening together.

Sunday, 29 February

The warmest February day for 3 years. I lunched with Mabel and then went on to Lil, getting back here for tea. The house seems strange without Reg. He left before lunch.

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