Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Week of 8 March 1948

Monday, 8 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Knee much more comfortable so long as I don't use it. Dr O'Hanighan came - all satisfactory and won't come again till Thursday. Arnica bandaging to continue.

Mabel spent afternoon with me and had an early supper before going to St Martin's. Alice Parsons rang up.

Tuesday, 9 March

Wilma arrived about 10.30 in great looks and spirits. She sat with me for about an hour and then went to do local shopping for me. She lunched up in my room and afterwards went off to do shopping for herself, but was back for an early tea. She and Enid both had it in my bedroom. She left to catch a 6 o'clock train and Enid soon afterwards. My knee quite comfortable in bed. I felt a bit tired. Mariatta went to her club this evening.

Wednesday, 10 March

Knee much more comfortable. Lil spent the afternoon with me. Mariatta went down to fix up about LCC classes in English.

Thursday, 11 March

Dr O'Hanighan came and was very pleased with the difference in my leg, and gave me far more rope. I can move about on this floor today and go down to the drawing room tomorrow. She will come again on Tuesday.

Mabel spent the afternoon with me and I took my first bath. Was able to get in and out without her assistance.

Friday, 12 March

I had a poor night and felt less well, but got up after lunch and came downstairs and sat out on the loggia sunning my knee. Enid came and spent the afternoon with me and saw me back in bed before leaving about 6.30.

My knee felt none the worse and I managed the stairs quite easily.

Saturday, 13 March

I took a bath after breakfast and then went back to bed till 12 o'clock when I dressed and came down to lunch in the dining room. Spent the afternoon between the loggia and the drawing room sofa. Mabel spent the afternoon with me. She is very lame with fibrosis.

Sunday, 14 March

This diary has been lost for some days, and I cannot remember who came and sat with me but I think it was Lil. Betterness continues, also the lovely weather.

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