Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Week of 1 September 1947

Monday, 1 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg left about 11 o'clock and I did not get down till nearly lunch time - still feeling very exhausted.

Mary Monks came and did some housework this afternoon. No phone message from Celia.

Tuesday, 2 September

Mabel slept here

No telephone message from Celia but Mary Monks came and did 3 hours work. I had tea with Lil who seemed none the worse for having her 4 remaining teeth out this morning.

Wednesday, 3 September

Had an interview with Roddy in the morning re £25 trust and did some shopping before returning to a cold lunch here. Bottled some plums in the evening.

Thursday, 4 September

Mary Monks told me she couldn't come. I think she is mad I am not sorry. Met Mabel at Frank Butler's. She had 4 teeth under gas and felt very sick. We came back in a taxi. She went to bed and I saw to her lunch and tea. Also wrote a couple of letters to Maye Bruce re yesterday's fracas at Aunt Julia. Later went to see Aunt J and also saw Mrs Moss. The storm has blown over for the moment ad Aunt J seems happy enough with her jigsaw.

Friday, 5 September

Anne slept here

A lovely day but I felt a wretched shape. Anne turned up about 7 pm and rang up Mrs Rees Jones, and they decided not to return till tomorrow morning. So we dined together and we had a fine wifey, but she was exhausted after a tiring day in town. She went to bed early and I listened in to TS Eliot reading Four Quartets. Very fine.

Saturday, 6 September

Anne breakfasted in my room before leaving by taxi at 9 o'clock to join Mrs Rees Jones in Hampstead to drive back to Wenham. Mrs Neal turned up for a morning's work. I felt very exhausted. Mabel came to tea - very devastated as she had left her purse containing pen, glasses, money, foodcard etc. etc. on the bus coming here. Later on we heard that it had been handed in safely at the Bus Terminus Garage.

Reg rang up. He seems poorly.

Sunday, 7 September

Slept well but felt no more rested. Stayed in bed all morning. Lunched with Lil and stayed for tea. Very pleasant. Rang up Reg. He is still feeling very poorly.

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