Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Week of 25 August 1947

Monday, 25 August

Mabel slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I woke very tired and didn't feel any the less so by getting a phone message from Celia to say she would not be able to come along - something about a sick friend. Mabel very nobly did all my chores and I stayed in bed till lunch time and had something cold. An Irish girl came to see about the job and promised to send me the phone No. of her reference but has not done so. I don't expect I shall hear anything more of her.

Mabel lunched out but came back for tea.

Tuesday, 26 August

Mabel slept here

No trace of Celia to our great surprise. Mabel and I went to the Marylebone Police Court in Seymour Place as I had to give formal evidence in a case of attempted house breaking here on the morning of 19th inst. A man called Smith and a woman called O'Brien involved. We lunched at the Goose and Gander Restaurant in Baker St.

Did house cleaning in the afternoon . Two women came to see me about Celia's place, neither of them suitable.

Wednesday, 27 August

Mabel slept here

Felt very tired. Celia rang up from Harrow. Confused statement. May come to do some work tomorrow but I doubt it. Mabel and I lunched at the Clifton Restaurant. Kathleen Hill came to tea. Also Margaret Thompson and Frances. He played very happily in the garden. Pips rang up. All well at Lyd.

Thursday, 28 August

Mabel slept here

Mary Monks came and did 3 hours good work in the morning. I lunched at the Wayfarers Restaurant, bought a pair of stockings and 2 deck chairs at the Civil Service Stores before meeting Mabel at the Duchess Theatre to see Priestley's play The Linden Tree. We were both disappointed and thought it very tedious.

Friday, 29 August

Mabel slept here

Mabel and I lunched at Clifton Restaurant. Celia arrived in the afternoon and explained that her sister-in-law had had a baby prematurely, and she C had had to look after her when they sent her back from hospital. Does not excuse her not phoning but there it is! It seems doubtful if they will be allowed to stay in the flat in Harrow, in which case she will come back to work for me.

Mr and Mrs Vago (Bunty) came in for drinks about 7 o'clock, and were very pleasant. Mabel greatly admired her.

Saturday, 30 August

Mabel left about 11 o'clock. Mrs Neal came and did a grand morning's housework. In the afternoon I went to tea with Enid and then on to Lil for a drink.

Sunday, 31 August

Reg slept here

I felt very tired and stayed in bed all morning. Mary Makin arrived in time for tea and then went up to rest in the spare room. GH drove up about 6 o'clock having deposited [?] at the London Clinic for an operation tomorrow. He just looked in to wish Mrs Makin bon voyage to Scotland. Reg arrived soon afterwards and after supper got a taxi for Mrs Makin and her poodle.

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