Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Week of 8 September 1947

Monday, 8 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel joined me here about 10.30 and we went off together to Hampstead Garden Suburb to see Bernard, the tailor recommended by Patience. He thought my tweed from Ireland far too heavy for a suit so I decided to get rid of it and start from scratch. We lunched together at Four Ways just opposite the shop and then came back and rested. Later bought some damsons and made a little jam.

Reg rang up. He saw his Brighton doctor who was not anxious.

Tuesday, 9 September

Stayed indoors except for going to Clifton Rd this afternoon. Celia arrived after lunch and did grand house cleaning. A Mrs Brooks came to see me about the job, and I am to take up her references.

Reg rang up to ask one of us to try and get accommodation for Aline and Joan in London on Thursday. Joan has been poorly with asthma and Aline wants to get her out of Weymouth.

Wednesday, 10 September

Felt more tired than ever but I went to a lecture by Dr Oldham in the evening at the Conway Hotel. GH was in the chair and afterwards brought me home and came in for a drink. It was a good lecture but I was too tired to enjoy it. Lil was there.

Thursday, 11 September

Took Soneryl and had a good night but woke with that horrible feeling of exhaustion. Stayed in bed most of the morning. Celia came in the afternoon and cleaned the house down and has agreed to come every day next week, except Saturday when Mrs Neal will come.

Friday, 12 September

I still feel very poorly. Lil came to tea and I was very glad to have her though I felt very poor company.

Saturday, 13 September

Mrs Neal arrived and left a nice clean house. I bussed out to Hendon to see Dr Moncrieff, just back from Scotland. She gave me a good overhaul and found nothing organically wrong. Blood pressure 176-196. Just the same old nervous trouble. She has prescribed and I am to see her again in a fortnight. Mabel came to tea just after I got back and we had a pleasant time doing our respective darning. Jeremy is in bed with a very high temperature but the doctor has seen him and is not anxious.

Dr Moncrieff's third visit this quarter.

Sunday, 14 September

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel where Mr Gibbs Smith preached. Then on to 1 Pelham Place where I lunched with Mabel and stayed for tea.

Felt jaded. Rang up Reg in the evening. He is better. Also Jeremy who is almost normal.

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