Thursday, 11 February 2010

Week of 10 November

Monday, 10 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

I still felt very tired and stayed in bed most of the morning. I felt better in the afternoon and after doing a little local shopping went to Clifton Nurseries to complain about my wallflowers, and came back with 3 doz to make good (no payment) - and put them into the front garden.

Tuesday, 11 November

I felt better though still tired. In the afternoon I did some shopping in Knightsbridge, then had tea with Mabel whose catarrh was marvellously better, and I finished up with a talk with Enid who was also very tired but in good spirits. Lil rang up. She had been at Alice Patterson's funeral service - very beautiful and impressive - and was feeling none the worse. Reg rang up to know how I was.

Wednesday, 12 November

Felt jaded and only did the necessary local shopping. Rested in the afternoon.

Mabel came out to tea. She is looking wonderfully better.

Thursday, 13 November

I did some Christmas shopping in the morning and stayed at home in the afternoon for Dr Moncrieff who arrived about 5 o'clock. A satisfactory visit and she thought me better though my blood pressure was higher - 200. I listened in to the Bruno Walter concert and to TS Eliot, and rang up Anne who sounded cheerful.

Dr Moncrieff's 2nd visit to me this quarter.

Friday, 14 November

Feeling better. Went to tea with Bunty Vago in spite of heavy rain, and enjoyed it, and heard a great deal a great deal that was interesting about the Yeast group.

Saturday, 15 November

Was busy in the morning and rested in the afternoon, before going to Mabel's sherry party which was a great success. We were about a dozen including Roddy and Diana Le Mesurier.

Sunday, 16 November

I listened in to the broadcast Thanksgiving Service for 25 years of the BBC, and then went to the Sung Eucharist at St John's Wood Chapel.

In the afternoon I went for a walk to Royal Oak station (really on Reggie's behalf).

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