Thursday, 11 February 2010

Week of 17 November

Monday, 17 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

I was in the kitchen most of the morning preparing lunch for Mab. Afterwards we went together to High St Kensington where we separated.

Tuesday, 18 November

Some snow in my garden but it soon melted. Lunched with Aunt Julia. Afterwards looked in on Mabel and then paid Enid and Eve a visit, and then on to tea with Lil.

Wednesday, 19 November

I bussed down to the Kingsway Hall to the Buddhist meeting where Graham Howe was speaking about The Beggar's Bowl. There was also a Burmese orange-clad Buddhist who spoke, and Christmas Harris was in the chair. I met Lil there. GH had brought her in his car.

Thursday, 20 November

Bet and Pont slept here

Princess Elizabeth's Wedding Day. I moved the portable radio down into the kitchen, so between that and the one in the drawing room, Mrs O'Leary and I were able to listen to all the proceedings. Very impressive.

Bet and Pont turned up about 12.30. He was off again by about 2 o'clock to attend a friend's wedding, and Bet followed later for the party.

Friday, 21 November

Sarah, Anne and Oswald slept here

Bet and Pont left about 11 o'clock. I felt very tired. Did a certain amount of cooking and local shopping. The lights fused and I had to get Clifton Radio to send up to see to them.

Anne and Sarah turned up about 6.30 and Oswald a couple of hours later.

Saturday, 22 November

Anne and Sarah slept here

Oswald left immediately after breakfast. Anne, Sarah and I shopped at John Barnes and came back here for an early lunch. Anne and Sarah went off soon afterwards - first for an appointment with Dr Moncrieff and then to tea with the Napleys.

Ruth Browning came to leave her bicycle in the shelter at the bottom of the garden.

Sunday, 23 November

Anne and Sarah slept here

I felt very tired and stayed in bed till lunch. Later I walked in Regent's Park, peered in at No. 5 Regent's - now taken over by the Ministry of Food, and wandered through the Rose Garden, etc. etc. Anne and Sarah lunched with Patience and then were driven to have tea with Mabel finishing up with a visit to Enid and Eve where they also met Lil. It was like midsummer in Regent's Park, but rained later.

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