Monday, 1 February 2010

Week of 11 August 1947

Monday, 11 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I was out shopping morning and afternoon, and in the evening I did a bit of gardening. Anne took Sarah out to have tea with Yvonne Scott.

Tuesday, 12 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne had an interview in the afternoon with her solicitor David Napley, and in the evening Yvonne Scott came to supper.

In the evening I read to Reg over the phone a business [??] letter I had drafted to Cosh.

Wednesday, 13 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne took Sarah out to Patience and they all had a picnic tea on the Heath. Anne very tired and went to bed immediately after supper.

Thursday, 14 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

GH came to lunch and we had a very pleasant and interesting talk before and after on the loggia. Anne took Sarah to lunch at a Lyons Corner House. She went out morning and evening to fit Grattan's coat which is being altered for her.

Friday, 15 August

Mabel slept here

Anne went to Soho in the morning for spaghetti and Sarah and I went to Selfridge's to buy a meat pie for Wenham and an ice brick for lunch. Also some sandwich tins for my birthday present for Lil, but I left them in the bus on the way back. I tracked to Cricklewood and Willesden after lunch, vainly trying to retrieve them.

Anne and Sarah left after tea to catch the 5.30 train to Wenham. Mabel arrived about 6 o'clock. We sat out on the loggia after supper. The only cool spot.

Saturday, 16 August

Mabel slept here

Hotter than ever and Mabel and I felt quite exhausted. 84 in her bedroom. In the morning we did some local shopping but did not stir out again till I watered the petunias etc after supper.

Sunday, 17 August

Mabel slept here

Mabel and I bussed down to morning service at the Marylebone Presbyterian Church and heard Leslie Weatherhead preach.

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