Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Week of 18 August 1947

Monday, 18 August

Mabel slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel lunched with Enid. I got my hair waved and did some local shopping. Mrs Parsons came out to tea and we had a great talk about Birmingham. She is trying to get me some Irish tweed for a coat and skirt.

Lil came back from Freda Grace's today to a hot and empty flat as her maid doesn't return from Ireland till the end of the week.

A tragedy. Mabel's diamond ring (mother's) has disappeared. She is almost certain she left it in her bedroom this morning!!

Tuesday, 19 August

Mabel slept here

At 4 am the police rang at the door and told me a burglar had confessed to opening my dining room window which I had closed last night. He had been arrested with a girl confederate. Nothing seems to have been taken.

Mabel and I caught the 11.18 to Horsham and were met by Joan and Reg at the station. We had a delightful time at the farm and a super lunch and tea out on the terrace.

Got back before 7 o'clock. Police called later about last night. I have to go to Marylebone Police Court next Tuesday to give formal evidence about window.

Celia has searched the house and alas there is no trace of the missing ring.

Wednesday, 20 August

Mabel slept here

General and Mrs Davies came to tea and greatly admired the house.

Thursday, 21 August

Mabel slept here

Reg and Joan turned up in the car about 11 o'clock and I went with them to Paddington and saw her off by the 12.30 train to Weymouth. Reg came back here for lunch. Mabel was here too. She had tea with Diana and then went on to Lil before going to read to Clara in hospital. She got back for a latter supper.

I got Martin to send along his plumbers to see if Mabel's ring could have got down the waste pipe, but there was no sign of it.

Friday, 22 August

Mabel slept here

A glorious day, quite hot enough in the afternoon. Lil came to lunch and stayed for tea.

Saturday, 23 August

Mabel slept here

Felt very tired. Mabel and I went to the Open- Air Theatre in Regent's Park to see The Midsummer Night's Dream with Robert Atkins as Bottom. Very pretty mise en scène and lighting, but what a tedious play. Very dark coming back through the Park.

Sunday, 24 August

Mabel slept here

Mabel and I went to the 10.15 Communion at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace - lunched at McWhirter's Restaurant (very poor) and went to tea with the Gerald Thompsons at 77 HT.

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