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Week of 4 August 1947

Monday, 4 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt tired and all overish and stayed in bed till lunch time. Felt better later and did some gardening - hoeing the vegetable patch, watering etc. Did not stir beyond the garden and saw none of the family.

Tuesday, 5 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

I still felt very tired but better later in the day. Tim Milroy and his wife and 15-year-old son Dominic came to tea. All very pleasant. They were still here when Anne and Sarah arrived about 6 o'clock - both looking very well and nice though they still have the remains of horrid colds. Anne had a lot to tell about Wenham, Bentons where they have been for the last week, and their cottage, Trough End.

Wednesday, 6 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

Sarah kept waking, so we none of us slept very well, and all had breakfast upstairs. Shopped locally in the morning all three, and then I went to Selfridge's and bought meat pie and ice cream for lunch. Afterwards Anne went to her osteopath. Mabel came to tea and Anne turned up soon afterwards. Later she went to dine with the Milroys. I heard from Bet this morning that Awly had been seedy with a strange feverish attack, and they had been afraid it might be infantile paralysis, but she was quite all right again now.

The Prime Minister made his speech this afternoon on the economic crisis.

Thursday, 7 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne lunched out but was back in time for tea when Patience Robb was here with her three boys. They had a lovely tea and were all very happy. Sarah enjoyed herself hugely.

Rang up Wenham in the evening. Bet had gone to bed very tired, but said they were all practically all right again.

Friday, 8 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

I did local shopping and household chores and a little gardening. We all three lunched at home and in the afternoon Anne took Sarah out to the flat and they had tea with the Fosters and saw Anne's tenants and Miss Wade and arranged for them to quit by Sept. 15th at latest.

Saturday, 9 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne, Sarah and I had a very successful morning's shopping and we got Sarah a very nice brown shirt and green jumper at Daniel Neal - ice creams at Selfridge's etc. etc., a very jolly morning. We spent most of the afternoon in the garden.

Anne went to dine with Enid.

Sunday, 10 August

Anne and Sarah slept here

A lovely day but Anne and I both felt jaded. She took Sarah to mass nearby and I went to St John's Wood Chapel (not up to the usual level, with the vicar and most of the choir away).

In the afternoon Anne took S out to tea with her mother-in-law and I didn't stir from the house.

Attlee broadcast after the 9 o'clock news. Not inspiring but there is no doubt the country is in a parlous mess.

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