Friday, 19 February 2010

Week of 12 January 1948

Monday, 12 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped locally before and after lunch. Enid came out to tea

Tuesday, 13 January

Went down Oxford Street in morning, and bought a couple of present's for Bet's birthday.

I found various more losses from burglary and have also mislaid my green cardigan so felt rather low. Had tea with Mabel and looked in on Enid en route. Spent the evening in kitchen making marmalade.

Wednesday, 14 January

Anne and Sarah slept here

A busy morning making preparations for Anne and Sarah's arrival. They turned up at 1 o'clock. After lunch and S's rest they went off to tea with Lil and I went to Marylebone Food Office to get a form for my missing clothing coupons.

Thursday, 15 January

Anne, Hester, Awly and Alice slept here

Anne went off after breakfast with Sarah, first to dentist, and then to leave S with Lady Grattan-Doyle. She got back here about 4.30 for her appointment with Dr Moncrieff but that didn't materialise and it was arranged for her to go to Wenham tomorrow instead. She was just starting for dinner with Enid as Pont, Awly and Alice arrived. They left Alice with me and went off again to pick up Hester and go to a show.

I felt very tired indeed.

Friday, 16 January

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne went off after an early breakfast to dentist (she had a tooth out) and then on to Lady G-D. Pont called for the Capel-Dunns and they departed about 11 o'clock. After lunch I went over to Golders Green to take over Sarah from Anne who went on to see Dr Moncrieff. As soon as we got back Tess Bawtree appeared unexpectedly and stayed to tea. Mrs Neal was here, doing the basement. Anne very tired and seedy with neuralgia and a sore mouth. We both went to bed early.

Saturday, 17 January

Anne and Sarah caught a 1.30 train to Colchester. I saw them off at Marble Arch tube station. Rang her up tonight and heard a cheerful account and that her neuralgia was on the wane.

Shopped locally in the afternoon and then had a pleasant restful evening in the drawing room. Feeling much better than yesterday.

Sunday, 18 January

I joined Mabel at St Martin's to hear the new vicar, Mr Charles Edwards, give his first sermon. Then back to lunch with her (Enid came in afterwards) and returned here in time for tea. Feeling poorly but hope it is only overtiredness.

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