Friday, 19 February 2010

Week of 19 January 1948

Monday, 19 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Felt much better. Mrs O'Leary came early and left the house warm and tidy for Gunvor who has however not arrived!! Her friend met the boat train at 5pm but she was not on it. Reg arrived about 12 o'clock to leave his luggage. He met Aline and Joan at Paddington and took them to lunch. Had tea here and then went off again to take them to the pantomime.

Tuesday, 20 January

Reg slept here

Went down to the ? in the morning to pull wires for Gunvor. Very unsuccessful. Reg spent the morning with Aline and Joan and saw Joan off in the afternoon to her school.

He came back here for tea but did not dine here.

Wednesday, 21 January

Reg slept here

Off early to Norwegian Embassy to pull wires for Gunvor, then on to Enid and Mabel. Back to Embassy for report. Then to Victoria to meet Hester. Thought her very nice. We lunched at the Grosvenor Hotel. Went in to the Station Cinema. Then had ices and I saw her off by the 3.55 train to her school at Barcombe Mills. Back to tea when Reg joined me. He was taking Aline out to dine.

I had a hectic evening of phone calls and chores. Feeling over tired.

Thursday, 22 January

Went down to Gravesend by Green Line to interview immigration authorities about Gunvor. Nothing doing. Lunched at a restaurant there and got home - rather done in - about 3.30. The kind O'Leary was still there and had got my tea laid. Rang up Gunvor to say she would have to go back to Sweden.

Reg left this morning

Friday, 23 January

Had a long night's sleep with Soneryl and felt much better.

Lil came to lunch, very super - grapefruit, roast pheasant from RJB and Pippa's plum pudding.

Saturday, 24 January

Reg rang me up to say he had had a rather worrying letter from Joan's school about a paint box which necessitated a good deal of telephoning in the evening. Did not get any forrader.

Went to see Happy As Larry at the Lyceum. A brilliant piece of writing and acting but rather incomprehensible.

Sunday, 25 January

Spent most of the morning in bed as I felt very tired. After lunch, Mabel arrived and took a rest before tea. She stayed till after supper and was in very good spirits.

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