Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Week of 13 October 1947

Monday, 13 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa left about 10.30. I heard from Enid that the Swedish girl Gunver will be willing to come to me as a general maid, but cannot get here before December.

In the afternoon I planted out 7 doz wallflowers in the front garden.

Tuesday, 14 October

I shopped locally and managed to get a couple of pairs of thread stockings in Oxford St before going to tea with Ella Mackenzie. Her sister Elizabeth was prevented from coming by migraine, and Mae did not turn up till just when I was leaving.

Wednesday, 15 October

I shopped in the morning and after lunch changed my book at Harrods, got my feet seen to by Miss Messenger, saw Eve for a few minutes, had tea with Mabel, and paid a short visit to Enid before getting back about 6.30.

Thursday, 16 October

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne and Sarah turned up after lunch, both looking very well. Anne shopped afterwards and S and I played ball in the garden.

Dr Moncrieff came after tea and saw first Anne and then me. Very pleased with us both. She is to see me again on 15th November and Anne is to come up again to see her on 22nd November and will stay the weekend. Anne dined with Lil.

Dr Moncrieff's 1st visit to me this quarter.

Friday, 17 October

Anne, Sarah and Oswald slept here

Anne and Sarah lunched with the Scotts. I had an early lunch and then met Mabel at the Odeon to see The Best Years of Our Lives. Very well acted. We all got back for tea. Oswald turned up after supper.

Saturday, 18 October

Oswald left at 9 o'clock and Anne and I tried and failed to get some winter underwear with some coupons that Anne insisted on my taking. I got my hair waved after tea.  Felt a bit tired and low-spirited.

Sunday, 19 October

Went to church at St John's Wood Chapel and stayed for the Sung Eucharist. Very beautiful. It was Mr Gibbs Smith's final service. After lunch I went in to Mabel and had tea with her; met her new lodger Helen Muir and her mother - both very nice. I also went and saw Enid for a few minutes.

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